2022 - A Year in review, and Looking Forward to 2023

Kane Hooper
January 31, 2023

2022 - A Year in review, and Looking Forward to 2023

2022 was certainly a great year for Ruby, Rails and the future of our slice of the industry.

reinteractive continued to grow throughout the year, adding on more senior developers across our team, further increasing our capacity to deliver exciting projects to an even wider range of startups, medium business and large enterprise. .

We also doubled down on our mobile app development - using Rails and React Native to compile and deploy to the respective phone app stores. We have nailed a great workflow that allows for iterative development keeping in line with our philosophy of design, validate, build.

It was also the year that I took over as the CEO of reinteractive, allowing Mikel to concentrate on the duties of the Founder - a plan that has so far proved out in further expansion.

Among other personnel changes (or updates) we employed a new Project Manager - Chris, to look after the more complex development projects. Chris has over 10 years experience in IT management and with his keen eye for detail and his passion for aesthetics, we are confident he is the right man to ensure high value, performant applications are constantly created and delivered to our customers.

Matenia has also further zeroed in on her position as Development Manager. Her role is, as the top and more knowledgeable developer at reinteractive, to manage the development team on technical matters. She is the backstop for debugging and solving difficult problems, quality issues, accurate estimates for work and figuring out scope that is detailed, comprehensive and encompasses the client’s requirements and budget.

Through a series of webinars, briefings and one on one meetings we have cemented our position as the region’s expert on Heroku and Heroku Connect - technologies that we use liberally for projects where it benefits our clients.

Looking forward to 2023 our plans are simple: keep doing what we are doing. Deliver the world’s finest Ruby on Rails development service and further expand our reach internationally.

As both Ruby and Rails continue to develop better and more secure versions we expect to be able to produce an even better result for our clients.

We are looking forward to working with all of our existing clients, and bringing on new ones in 2023!