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We develop enterprise level web and mobile applications with Ruby on Rails.

10+ years of Ruby on Rails expertise in design and development for web and mobile solutions. We build, enhance and manage apps for global companies, big and small. There are many reasons why Ruby on Rails is a great choice for enterprise-quality web applications.

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Developing Enterprise Quality Web Applications with Ruby on Rails

A mature framework for business-ready applications

What is Ruby on Rails

Breaking this down: Ruby is a programming language that was first written in 1996. It is easy to read and understand, and was designed to be used in the emerging web application world.

Rails was devised several years later as a framework - that is a kind of scaffolding that sits over the top of Ruby. Its purpose is to make Ruby even easier to write, to predetermine design decisions (design in terms of the formatting of the code and the way the application is architected) and was usable by teams of developers. Hence Ruby on Rails.

Since Rails was introduced it has been further improved for security, stability and speed, and is currently in its seventh major iteration. It is open source, meaning that anyone can download and use it. It is implemented internationally, and has been used on thousands of enterprise standard applications, as well as many of the Fortune 500 applications. You will be using applications built on Ruby on Rails daily for everything from Shopify to GitHub to SoundCloud.

Due to the fact that it is so universal, developers are found around the world (and are in high demand).

We choose to use Ruby on Rails for all of our work at reinteractive since it allows us to specialise in the framework, and be true world renown experts in its application.

Why use Ruby on Rails

There are many reasons why Ruby on Rails is a great choice for enterprise quality web applications. Here are a few:

Ease of Development: Rails is what we call an ‘opinionated framework’. This means that the developers have design and architectural decisions made in advance. There is a right way to code, and the developers don’t have to figure this part out each time they start a project. With this done, they can concentrate on the interesting parts - innovation and solving problems with the code. And this also means that coding is easier and faster with Rails, saving you time and budget. The developers are happier because they are not getting bogged down in the framework.

Working in Teams: It is important for any enterprise ready programming language to be able to be worked on by a team of developers. Rails makes this easy. We can have several developers all working on different sections of the code base at the same time, and where correctly managed, won’t trip over each other or slow each other down.

Code Handovers: Another great advantage of having an opinionated framework is that a senior or mid level developer should be able to pick up a Rails application that they have never seen before, and be able to push out a new feature that same day. They will be able to understand the way the code is formatted, and what each section is supposed to achieve without difficulty. They will be able to get a version of the code up and running on their local computer and start developing.

Pre-baked solutions: As a mature framework, Rails has thousands of pre-written libraries of code that solve problems or are optimised code for common activities. These are called ‘gems’ and they are easily installed, configured for use, and updated. These gems cover things like a login page, typical third party application connections, sending emails from your application and more. Again, this all serves to save you time and budget, and leaves the developer to concentrate on the things that make your application unique.

We are the Ruby on Rails Experts

reinteractive are the experts on Ruby on Rails. We have specialised in writing web and mobile applications using rails for well over a decade, and in that time have written new applications, added features to existing ones, and maintained hundreds of applications for organisations small and large around the world. We have dealt with some of the biggest companies in the world and worked on their applications, and we have helped start-ups to get their core technology delivered to the world using Ruby on Rails.

The founder of reinteractive, Mikel Lindsaar, has been a key figure in the Rails community. He has been on the commit team for rails in the past contributing to the core framework that everybody uses. He also wrote and maintains the Rails Mail gem, a code library that has been downloaded and used over 300 million times!

If you are looking for the best and most experienced Ruby on Rails specialists, reinteractive is it.

Ruby on Rails Web Applications

Membership Applications:

  • Membership Sign-up & Renewals: We developed a bespoke membership application for the Finance Brokers Association Australia with full Salesforce synchronization.
  • Membership Information & Engagement: We reimagined the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation member centre to build a bespoke on-line solution fully integrated with Salesforce, increasing membership by 10%.


  • Automotive Part Sales: Sterling Parts came to reinteractive to modernise their online presence and develop a custom eCommerce platform for the automotive parts space.

Event Management:

  • Multi-Venue Events Scheduling: reinteractive created a bespoke Artist & Venue Registration system for the Adelaide Fringe Festival, the largest open access arts festival in the Southern Hemisphere.

Custom Solutions:

  • Amplify - Crowd Sourced Transcriptions: We helped realise an innovative project the State Library of New South Wales had been working on, engaging online volunteers to transcribe their historical sound archives.


  • Cash Flow Forecasting: Working with the founder of Businest, Rhondalyn Korolak, we created an award-winning financial management and cash-flow prediction web application.

Not for Profit:

  • Pet Adoption: reinteractive improved system speed and reliability with a full migration to our 24/7 OpsCare® and CodeCare® hosting and maintenance services, achieving PetRescue’s target of 100% uptime of their site.

  • Sharing Health Knowledge: Radiopaedia is an extensive, open-edit radiology resource, compiled by radiologists and radiology residents/registrars and fellows from across the globe. The Radiopaedia site provides an indispensable learning resource for medical professionals internationally.

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Support and maintenance for your AWS or Heroku server layer with a Rails app

We helped State Library New South Wales build an award-winning transcription editing platform.

State Library of NSW

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State Library of NSW logo

Hosting millions of check-ins seamlessly for COVID Comply with zero downtime rather than building an internal operations team, it made sense to use a third-party provider - OpsCare.

Comply Group Logo

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Comply Group Logo

Norths Collective needed to roadmap a mobile web application, to digitise their membership services enabling members to access services from any device.

Norths Collective

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Standardising the packaging industry in Australia, the APCO members application provides an industry portal.


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