RoR Application Code Review

Receive a full report of your Ruby on Rails application with our code audit.

The reinteractive Ruby On Rails Application Code Review is a deep dive into your application, providing you with a complete window into the state of your app. It covers nine critical points, resulting in peace of mind knowing that any major issues within your app have been identified.

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Ruby on Rails Application Code Review

The reinteractive Application Code Review is a deep dive into your application, providing you a complete window into the state of your app. It covers 9 critical points, utilising some of the best code review tools around, resulting in peace of mind knowing that any major issues within your app have been identified.

Once identified, we provide you a path forward to resolving them, including a full report containing recommendations for each point. We even include a summary of the good parts we find. Click here for more information about the importance of servicing your Ruby application.

What Do We Check?

We review your application to see how easy it is to get up and running, the test coverage, documentation, technical debt, code quality and any security issues. You receive a complete report with the findings and recommended solutions to implement. We even include a summary of the good parts we find as well!

Three App Review Services

RoR Code App Review

A comprehensive review of your Rails app. One of our senior developers will review your code against a series of industry benchmarks using both manual and automated methods. A comprehensive report will then recommend the areas needing attention and the ramification of each. More information below.

UX Review for your Rails App

UX is crucially important to the success of any application. And even the best written code can fail where the UX is poor or not fully thought out. Our award winning UX team will review your application against best practices and up-to-date UX guides. They will prepare a report that you can action immediately yourself or have our UI/Rails team implement. We can also complete a full UX prototype for your application following your review.

Infrastructure Review

Our expert team will review your current infrastructure and advise on its suitability for your application. This service can also be used to estimate migration and set-up for our OpsCare service. (some conditions&limitations apply to this review)

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Common Questions about the Rails Code Review

Who Checks the Code?

reinteractive is a team of top Rails developers and designers, and we leverage this skill to deliver a top-quality app review. A senior developer dives in and reviews your code.

Can I See an Example?

We are happy to forward to you a sample report of our app review service, just get in touch with us and ask.

How Long Does it Take?

The App Review Service is a concise process that takes only a day or so to complete. It may take a little longer for larger or more complex Rails applications, but for these, we recommend our Ruby on Rails Code Inspect service.

How Much Does it Cost?

A reinteractive app review service costs $1450 + GST per code base you wish us to review.

Most Ruby on Rails applications are one code base, costing $1450 (+ GST for AU clients). However, some larger applications have multiple sets of code, we would price that taking the size and complexity into account.

The review is also a great way to onboard our CodeCare or OpsCare services and will help us determine suitability or work that should be done before or alongside onboarding.

The 9 Points of the RoR App Review

0 Setup and Documentation

1 Automated Tests

2 Database Setup

3 Performance

4 Security Analysis

5 Versions

6 Code Quality

7 Sensitive Data

8 Technical Debt

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