UX & UI Design

Aesthetically pleasing and easy to use products is what reinteractive designs.

Visual design focuses on the aesthetics of your site and the strategic implementation of images, colours, fonts and other elements. At the same time, front-end development codes the designs into live products while maintaining industry-standard best practices.

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User Experience (UX) Design

Get your features defined and layout perfected for your audience with a clickable UX prototype

Product & Interface (UI) Design

Build the browser side of your application with a UI developer

App Design Workshop (UX + UI)

A through workshop to build UX, Design, scope and estimate your MVP web or mobile application

What is Visual Design?

The visual design phase is where the final polish is given to your UX clickable prototype.

Once the prototype is completed on the UX stage, our Visual Designers work with you to create the final look and feel of your website or application. This is the process where you choose your colours, fonts, images and visual elements and, with the help of our designers, finalise the look and feel of your application.

Design Artwork

At completion of the Visual Design phase you will receive final mock-ups of your application.

These are your approved designs and represent what your application will look like once development is completed.

Completed visual designs ensure all stakeholders are in agreement with how your application will look.

The Visual Design Process

The Visual Design process is quoted at a fixed price and usually runs for 1-2 weeks during which we go through the following 6 stages.

1. We ask you to complete a thorough questionnaire to get a complete brief that matches your requirements.

2. The designer investigates and looks for ways to give your site a visual edge.

3. Our designer will then provide you with concept designs for you to consider. This is your chance to make sure we are on the right track.

4. With an agreed upon design brief for the project, a complete set of digital mock-ups are created. This includes final images of what the page will look like.

5. It is time for you to provide feedback on the designs.

6. Using this feedback, the designer will adjust the mock-ups to your desired requirements. You work with the designer back and forth until you have achieved the look and feel that you want for your application and you are completely happy with the end result.

The next step is the Development process.

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