App Consultation & Project Scoping

Ruby on Rails Consulting

Our Ruby on Rails Consulting Services

With over 200 major projects completed by reinteractive, we have a very deep understanding of best practices in software development, positioning us to deliver a comprehensive array of consulting services for your application.

Ruby on Rails Web Development

Our development services focus on creating enterprise quality web applications using Ruby on Rails for Enterprise, Fintech, Health and Life Sciences, Education, Government, Retail and Consumer Goods and Startups. Because Ruby on Rails is open source with access to existing features created by the Rails community, getting to market is rapid and efficient.

Ruby on Rails Upgrades

Keeping your application upgraded to current versions is important concerning security patches, access to new features, performance and stability. We have conducted hundreds of upgrades over the years and have an expert team of senior developers to get your upgrade done with minimum down time. Read more about our Upgrade Service here.

Support and Maintenance

Our CodeCare monthly code maintenance service and and OpsCare for hosting and support, will ensure your Rails application is maintained, up to date, bug free and always online with minimum downtime.

Mobile Application Development

Native mobile applications with Ruby on Rails means we create with a backend language that can also render the UI for browsers and connect to your native mobile frontend - such as React Native which renders the mobile app view and takes care of cool phone features). Essentially one app to take care of three platforms. Find out more about our Mobile Application Development Services here.

Ruby on Rails Application Review

Our Application Review service is an independent, rapid, 9-critical point audit of the state of your app. We will check setup and documentation, performance, security, code quality and technical debt plus more! You will receive a comprehensive report with the findings (both good and bad) and recommended solutions to implement. These can be done by your in-house team or we can do it for you!

Code Inspect

Our Code Inspect Service is a more lengthy, in-depth code inspection wherein our senior developers carry out a thorough bottom-to-top, file-by-file review of your entire Ruby on Rails application to evaluate it for best practices, visible security issues and code quality and maintainability issues across your entire application.

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