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A custom software development company programming with Ruby On Rails code.

With years of Ruby on Rails experience, we build stable, tested apps with quality code and Agile methods, so you can be sure that your project is in excellent hands. reinteractive takes pride in becoming part of your development process and works with you as your development partner to get the best bang for your development buck.

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Ruby On Rails Web Development

Enterprise standard tools to build robust web and mobile based applications. Fast, secure, stable.

Mobile Applications

Easily maintained code bases for your native mobile application. Deploy the same code to multiple platforms

Ruby On Rails Upgrades

Upgrade your code base for security, stability and application speed

Application Development Process

We turn your web or mobile application vision into reality!

Once your User Experience and Design stage is done, our developers get busy building your application.

reinteractive take pride in becoming part of your development process and work with you as your development partner to get the best bang for your development buck. This is an important aspect of how we work.

Your reinteractive development team work out, with you, the critical features essential to make the application workable and viable while fitting in the “nice to have” features as the budget allows. This is called a Minimal Viable Product (MVP).

We then get developing on those core features and get you an operational application up and running, allowing you to add features at a later stage.

We follow the Agile process of preferring delivered code over processes and specifications.

We can give guidance on the most prudent path but ultimately it is the client’s choice; we work to push as many features as possible that the budget allows.

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Quality and Technical Excellence are Paramount

reinteractive’s development team is made up of senior-level developers that work on many different code bases and applications. They are more likely to know of pitfalls and solutions compared to developers, who have only worked on a couple of applications. This wide experience saves a lot of time in debugging.

Automated Tests and Strong Coding Style

A good team should make liberal use of automated tests and have a strong coding style, along with a peer review process to make your code as beautiful and bug-free as possible.

Resource Flexibility and Rapid Team Formation

Additionally, due to resource flexibility, we can spin up a team rapidly to handle an immediate need without taking the core team off what they are focused on, using existing or newly purchased resource weeks.

We allocate developers according to the project needs, so initially, it may be a backend developer building out the system and API, and a few weeks later they might be joined by a mobile developer to start building out the mobile app followed by a front-end developer to implement the visual designs that were developed. The key here is that we have enough developers as full-time employees so that we can mix and match as needed.

Tailored Developer Allocation

At reinteractive, our clients buy resource weeks, not people. To keep a high delivery rate and maintain high quality, reinteractive dedicate our full-time developers 100% to their specific client project. We do not share them between projects at the same time. High-quality code is important to a business because it means that future development is faster and cheaper and there are fewer bugs. When each developer is dedicated to a single project the highest quality code is created.

All reinteractive developers work remotely and working remotely is a condition stated in their contracts. However, a developer working at reinteractive has access to the Development Manager, Quality Manager and all other developers if they ever need any assistance or get stuck somewhere. For example, before a feature branch is merged into the develop branch, the developer must create a pull request and get this reviewed by someone else on the team. This is a policy of ours to ensure every member will have feedback on their performance, resulting in high-quality code. Additionally, this peer-to-peer review will make sure there are at least two developers who are familiar with your system, and we will always have someone looking after the codebase should a developer be away.

Our developers write specifications covering the work they are doing. These do not have to take massive amounts of time, but we have found, with over 100 combined years of experience in software development, that skipping testing results in hard to develop and very buggy code and gets you into a situation where no matter how many developers you throw at the code base, you can’t get features delivered on time.

Writing specifications also means that the speed of delivery of features is maintained at a fairly constant level over the life of the project instead of slowing down rapidly as the weeks move on. You might have experienced this, where the initial development speed seems fast, and then the rate of new feature delivery slows to a crawl. This symptom is almost always a result of not enough (or absent) automated tests.


How Long Do You Need?

This is one of those questions that is just impossible to answer without a serious discussion, but even after working out the entire scope, it is still open to adjustment as new ideas creep in.

We have our solution for this. While we are developing your application, it is inevitable that the scope and requirements will change as we go along, but for us, this is totally fine! Our contracts even mention that the client is encouraged to further refine and alter the scope as we are developing.

This, however, creates a situation of “it is done when it is done” but we do take into account your schedules and allocate our team to ensure the product gets released within your requirements. Get in touch with us and we can discuss what you need.

What does it Cost?

There is a truth that a web application really costs exactly as much as you spend on it, not a cent more or a cent less. But as a guide our founder wrote a blog post called “How Much will my Web Application Cost?” that could help you with a rough guide.

We bill by the development resource week. What is a resource week? It’s a 4-day week where the 5th day is used for ongoing training or open source work. This training day also absorbs any public holidays or sick days or the like. We do this so that our team members stay up to date with the rapidly evolving pace of Rails development ensuring they can continue to deliver the best development practices to you, our clients. Contact us to discuss your development needs.

Why Choose reinteractive

reinteractive are one of Australia’s largest dedicated Ruby on Rails development companies. We don’t cut corners and we know what we are doing. With years of Rails experience in-house, you can be sure that your application is in very good hands.

Our founder, Mikel Lindsaar, is among the top Rails contributors worldwide and that same commitment to excellence extends to our entire team of experienced developers, working daily on both commercial and open-source projects.

With many satisfied clients, both large and small, the reinteractive team is usually kept very busy by word of mouth and repeat business. Contact us to see how we can help you with your application development needs too!

Web & Mobile Application Design & Development

Ruby On Rails Web Development

Enterprise standard tools to build robust web and mobile based applications. Fast, secure, stable.

Mobile Applications

Easily maintained code bases for your native mobile application. Deploy the same code to multiple platforms

Ruby On Rails Upgrades

Upgrade your code base for security, stability and application speed

Ruby on Rails Application Review

Have an existing Rails app? Our review will give you a road map for updates and maintenance

Salesforce Integrations

Leverage your Salesforce data with integration and development leveraging the power of Heroku and other tools

App Design (UX & UI) Workshop

A through UX/Design phase, scoping, system design and project estimate with a complete software specification report

App Consultation & Project Scoping

Hire our expert Project Management team to help scope and architect your web or mobile app

Security Assessment

Our free Security Assessment service is designed explicitly for Rails applications highlighting potential vulnerabilities and offering actionable insights to strengthen its security.

CodeCare Shield

With the CodeCare Shield service, we offer the solution to keep your applications secure and up-to-date with the latest Ruby on Rails versions.

CodeCare Plus

Fixed hours per month of ad-hoc code support and maintenance for your Rails app


Support and maintenance for your AWS or Heroku server layer with a Rails app

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