AI Proof of Concept Service

Proof of Concept

Need a Proof of Concept for your AI Feature?

Many ideas are flying around right now for use cases for AI technology in business. Many of those ideas are amusing at best, and time wasters at worst.

Business-ready AI requires careful planning and expert guidance.

  1. Is the idea actually one that people may want or use?
  2. Will it actually save time or money for your business?
  3. Is the data that is going to be used for the AI available?
  4. Is the data being learned, consumed and output by the AI safe and secure? Who owns the data, and does the whole pipeline meet local laws on privacy for your industry?
  5. The industry is moving faster than anything we have seen before - is the implementation going to be obsolete before it is even built?
  6. Is my idea original, or has it already been done and available off the shelf?

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Proof-of-Concept: Consultation

To help you answer questions 1-6 above, and work out a possible AI solution to the problem you need to solve, reinteractive is in the unique position of being able to deliver to you a Proof-of-Concept consultation over a roughly 2 week period.

In this video, Kane demonstrates how easy it is to set up and train your own AI locally.

What will we deliver:

  • A through workshop meeting with Kane Hooper, Project Manager and AI/ML expert to uncover and understand what you would like out of an AI solution
  • Look to answer the above questions for you
  • Deliver a PoC version of the AI application feature that solves your problem
  • Present the solution to you and record the PoC in action or access to a temporary URL to present the solution to others
  • Document the solution as worked out
  • Suggest next steps to fully develop the full application with reinteractive, with a 25% discount on the UX workshop as the next step

What the PoC Consultation does not cover:

  • You will not have full access to the code developed for the PoC (since it is not a fully developed solution) until full development is started.
  • A completed solution to the full application (this requires a more in depth workshop as the next step).
  • as scope or requirements shift during your next steps the ultimate AI solution may change in development to better cover your requirements (in other words, the PoC is not the final draft and can be iterated upon later).

In this video, Kane demonstrates how to make an API call using ruby on rails, 11ElevenLabs and twillo.

Start here to initiate a proof-of-concept phase to validate your idea!

Meet Kane Hooper, reinteractive's AI Expert!

At reinteractive Kane has been developing and implementing cutting edge AI projects for business clients with real world practical application.

Kane is an experienced General Manager and project manager having run eight businesses and managed numerous projects across many different industries. He graduated from the Deakin University MBA in 2014 and was awarded the Brookes Scholars Medal for top student of that year.

Kane lectures and has developed courses for the Deakin University Business School in Melbourne, Australia, and has most recently been undertaking a Masters in ML/AI, though this is on pause due to the fast pace change within the field at present.

At reinteractive Kane has been developing and implementing cutting edge AI projects for business clients with real world practical application.

Kane was recently invited to speak at a local conference on the impact of AI on the Ruby on Rails development community (video to the right).

Few people in Australia are as well placed to advise businesses on the application of AI to their business software systems.