UX Design & Prototyping

We design software products with UX wireframes and clickable prototypes.

Our UX team is set to design a product for you that adheres to the latest UX heuristics and industry standards, crafting a user experience that gives an excellent experience and engages your clientele. This approach ensures that the product developed is user-friendly and aligns with the best practices in user experience design.

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What is UX Design?

We create solutions that engage users, keeping them happy and on your page longer. We know that a thoroughly completed UX Design can make the difference between a successful project and one that struggles.

During this service, our designers will shift the ideas from your head, or paper into a fully clickable and navigable online prototype that you can navigate around — as you would the end product.

Why Would I Want a reinteractive UX Designer?

Our UX team will create a product for you that is in compliance with current UX heuristics and best practices. This means that we will build a user experience that will engage your customers, make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for and give them an enjoyable experience that will keep them coming back.

By putting your users first, and implementing UX features at the start of the project, you will save you time and money along the way. If your application is built using only written specification documents, a lot of the details and usability can be lost, or simply left to the developer’s imagination.

What Does a Clickable Prototype look like?

Clickable Prototype

Our prototypes are clickable and allow you to navigate around as you would the end product. We keep the details low so you can focus on the process and interactions needed to make your application a success. Check out the clickable and testable prototype we built for our friends over at Flood.IO for some ideas of what we could achieve for you.

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Web & Mobile Application Design & Development

Ruby On Rails Web Development

Enterprise standard tools to build robust web and mobile based applications. Fast, secure, stable.

Mobile Applications

Easily maintained code bases for your native mobile application. Deploy the same code to multiple platforms

Ruby On Rails Upgrades

Upgrade your code base for security, stability and application speed

Ruby on Rails Application Review

Have an existing Rails app? Our review will give you a road map for updates and maintenance

Salesforce Integrations

Leverage your Salesforce data with integration and development leveraging the power of Heroku and other tools

App Design (UX & UI) Workshop

A through UX/Design phase, scoping, system design and project estimate with a complete software specification report

App Consultation & Project Scoping

Hire our expert Project Management team to help scope and architect your web or mobile app

Security Assessment

Our free Security Assessment service is designed explicitly for Rails applications highlighting potential vulnerabilities and offering actionable insights to strengthen its security.

CodeCare Shield

With the CodeCare Shield service, we offer the solution to keep your applications secure and up-to-date with the latest Ruby on Rails versions.

CodeCare Plus

Fixed hours per month of ad-hoc code support and maintenance for your Rails app


Support and maintenance for your AWS or Heroku server layer with a Rails app

We helped State Library New South Wales build an award-winning transcription editing platform.

State Library of NSW

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Hosting millions of check-ins seamlessly for COVID Comply with zero downtime rather than building an internal operations team, it made sense to use a third-party provider - OpsCare.

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Norths Collective needed to roadmap a mobile web application, to digitise their membership services enabling members to access services from any device.

Norths Collective

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Standardising the packaging industry in Australia, the APCO members application provides an industry portal.


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