We design and develop custom applications that synchronise with Salesforce.

Clients come to reinteractive when they want an expert development team with wide experience in building custom-made applications that synchronise with Salesforce. As a certified Salesforce partner, reinteractive leverages Salesforce data in connected web-based applications.

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Salesforce is by far the world’s most popular enterprise CRM. Part of its appeal is the extensibility and customisation that is possible.

As a certified Salesforce partner, reinteractive leverages Salesforce data in connected web-based applications. We synchronise data in Salesforce SalesCloud or ServiceCloud with software you can run in your browser or mobile phone.

To illustrate - say, for example, you want to provide access to a contact you have in Salesforce. We can sync that person’s details to the web application. When they log in, all their information will be available in their profile - name, phone, email, etc. If that user wants to update the phone number, that change will be reflected in Salesforce immediately, or vice-versa.

While this is a simple example, it opens up many possibilities and is a frequently used device of top enterprise companies (as well as many small businesses and start-ups).

We do this using a tool called ‘Heroku Connect’. It is a secure, fast and highly stable connection between Salesforce and the database in our cloud application. It is a tool owned by and managed by Salesforce, so we can have certainty that trust and security are high on the list of features.

Heroku Connect takes a set of fields in Salesforce that you nominate and syncing these across to your cloud database. The values on either side are updated in near real-time (every few minutes), so the data is always fresh. In this way, you can use your Salesforce instance as a backend to your web application - allowing your team to update content and information that is reflected immediately on your website.

How Salesforce and Heroku work together

Custom Salesforce Applications

Applications that leverage your Salesforce data with infinite scalability.

Salesforce Data Storage Solutions

In-Salesforce data can be expensive - design an application to warehouse your data in the cloud

Internet of Things Connectivity

Make Salesforce the source of truth for your cloud connected devices with a robust custom application


eCommerce solution built on top of your Salesforce instance reducing overhead and complexity

What We Do with Salesforce

Custom Web Applications

At reinteractive we can create any type of complex web or mobile application on the Salesforce Heroku® platform, allowing you to sync your app data directly with Salesforce.

Salesforce supplies significant programming tools, but sometimes your need is outside the box, or a mixture of Salesforce and a custom-built multi-language option, for a highly complex application that is really business critical. Or you need your customer-facing application to strategically store data in Salesforce, without blowing out your data charges.

Internet of Things Connectivity

IoT is the way forward for many businesses. We help you navigate building your IoT app that maximises productivity but also economises data storage and smartly analyses the data coming in, aggregating what you need into workable metrics and synchronising with Salesforce.

Optimising Salesforce Data Storage

Old data may be valuable but can often clutter up your Salesforce® org. As your business grows its customer base storage of data that you don’t regularly use can become costly.

We help minimize your Salesforce data usage, utilising the Salesforce Heroku platform. Old Salesforce and customer data can be stored in an economical, yet accessible database, that can be pulled into Salesforce only when you need it.

StoreConnect - eCommerce for Salesforce

In business, time is money… So if time is money, what is wasted time?

Up till now, eCommerce solutions have focused on all the wrong things, creating frustration with API integrations, migrations & data loss.

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Web & Mobile Application Design & Development

Ruby On Rails Web Development

Enterprise standard tools to build robust web and mobile based applications. Fast, secure, stable.

Mobile Applications

Easily maintained code bases for your native mobile application. Deploy the same code to multiple platforms

Ruby On Rails Upgrades

Upgrade your code base for security, stability and application speed

Ruby on Rails Application Review

Have an existing Rails app? Our review will give you a road map for updates and maintenance

Salesforce Integrations

Leverage your Salesforce data with integration and development leveraging the power of Heroku and other tools

App Design (UX & UI) Workshop

A through UX/Design phase, scoping, system design and project estimate with a complete software specification report

App Consultation & Project Scoping

Hire our expert Project Management team to help scope and architect your web or mobile app

Security Assessment

Our free Security Assessment service is designed explicitly for Rails applications highlighting potential vulnerabilities and offering actionable insights to strengthen its security.

CodeCare Shield

With the CodeCare Shield service, we offer the solution to keep your applications secure and up-to-date with the latest Ruby on Rails versions.

CodeCare Plus

Fixed hours per month of ad-hoc code support and maintenance for your Rails app


Support and maintenance for your AWS or Heroku server layer with a Rails app

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