User Research, Flow Mapping, UX Testing + User Interface Design

App Design Workshop

Bring Your Web or Mobile App Idea to Life!

The reinteractive App Design Workshop, is a step-by-step process that results in a full project wireframe, app interface design and visual design overlay for your Ruby on Rails application, line-by-line scope and estimate for the MVP - ready for development.

The App Design Workshop is an in depth process where our app designer intimately gets to identify the problems you want to solve and the goals and purposes for your application. By asking the right questions, and working through your required features as we understand them we can end up with a full blueprint.

During the process we include:

  • A deep dive into understanding your company and the industry you are in
  • Determine the types of users that will engage and be using your application
  • Creation of the site map and the architectural flow, from which we create wireframes of each screen followed by a low-fidelity (usually grey blocks and minimal words) prototype
  • Prototype testing - we invite your stakeholders, staff, and some of your public to use the prototype to test its validity and adjust accordingly. When that’s right, we move on to the high-fidelity designs
  • produce a visual design over lay of the main application templates
  • Work out with you what the essential features are for a viable first release (MVP)
  • Produce a line by line scope of that, with the later iterations noted
  • A full development estimate

Once completed, everything is packaged up - you can then engage reinteractive for the development phase or shop it around to other companies, or even use the workshop to entice further funding. The choice is yours!

Is the Workshop Right for You?

Developing any software is a significant investment, and if the foundations aren't correct before you begin development, you are going to waste a lot of time and money. Spending a little time upfront validating your idea WILL save you $10,000's in the long run.

If you are serious about creating a bespoke application for your organisation but not sure where to start, then this might be the right service for you.

We will walk you through the best practices, validate features, work through third-party tools and how they can help you, and architect the entire project so that it is correctly integrated to your needs.

Not sure? Contact us and we can discuss what you are looking for, and how we might be able to help you and create aesthetic apps. We can show you examples of the output, and help to demonstrate the business case.

Priced to Fit

Not all applications are the same, and so we we price our workshop accordingly. We can look after a startup, existing business, NFP, or largest enterprise, and will scale our services to suit.

Find out more:

App Design Workshop Process

User Discovery

An in-depth discovery phase is vital to understanding the users. It allows us to deliver a project that couples the user's goals with the client's needs. This phase reveals the pain points that people experience and the thoughts and feelings someone develops while they use a product. The discovery phase discovers the “how and why”.

Industry & Competitor Research

Performing a competitive analysis in UX design helps us identify your competitors' strengths and weaknesses relative to their website or application design. The insight we gain through this competitive analysis helps us understand what could be done and, better still, what to avoid.

Site Mapping & User Flows

User flow is a list, and sometimes a chart, of actions users will take while using the application.

A UX sitemap is a hierarchical diagram of a website or application that shows how pages are arranged, linked and labelled.

A user flow is like a map's street view, and the sitemap is like a bird's eye view.

Prototype & User Experience (UX) Testing

Testing the prototype makes sure that your time and money go into creating a great looking, easy to use product.

We get your stakeholders, staff, and potential users to use the prototype while we watch how they go about some set takes, with no prompting other than giving the task to complete.

User testing allows us to see any holes in the applications which we might have otherwise missed.

Font & Colours

Typography involves so much more than choosing a good font. When used adequately, a font can enhance readability, accessibility and usability within an interface.

Some text is invariably going to be more important than the other text on the page. We must emphasise an element's importance by using weight, size, position and colour to highlight and distinguish it from other components.

User Interface (UI) Design

User Interface (UI) Design focuses on anticipating what users need to do and guaranteeing that the interface is easy to understand and use. UI brings together concepts from interaction design, visual design and information architecture.

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