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Our Senior developers will thoroughly audit your Ruby on Rails application code.

Have an application already? A key point of the reinteractive Code Inspect service is more than one person reviews your code and application and helps compile the report. A typical Code Inspect report passes through three developers to ensure your application gets the attention it deserves. Get us to do a full-quality inspection today.

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About reinteractive's Ruby on Rails Consulting Services

Ruby on Rails Web Development

Our development services focus on creating enterprise quality web applications using Ruby on Rails for Enterprise, Fintech, Health and Life Sciences, Education, Government, Retail and Consumer Goods and Startups. Because Ruby on Rails is open source with access to existing features created by the Rails community, getting to market is rapid and efficient.

Ruby on Rails Upgrades

Keeping your application upgraded to current versions is important concerning security patches, access to new features, performance and stability. We have conducted hundreds of upgrades over the years and have an expert team of senior developers to get your upgrade done with minimum down time. Read more about our Upgrade Service here.

Support and Maintenance

Our CodeCare monthly code maintenance service and and OpsCare for hosting and support, will ensure your Rails application is maintained, up to date, bug free and always online with minimum downtime.

Mobile Application Development

Native mobile applications with Ruby on Rails means we create with a backend language that can also render the UI for browsers and connect to your native mobile frontend - such as React Native which renders the mobile app view and takes care of cool phone features). Essentially one app to take care of three platforms. Find out more about our Mobile Application Development Services here.

Ruby on Rails Application Review

Our Application Review service is an independent, rapid, 9-critical point audit of the state of your app. We will check setup and documentation, performance, security, code quality and technical debt plus more! You will receive a comprehensive report with the findings (both good and bad) and recommended solutions to implement. These can be done by your in-house team or we can do it for you!

Code Inspect

Our Code Inspect Service is a more lengthy, in-depth code inspection wherein our senior developers carry out a thorough bottom-to-top, file-by-file review of your entire Ruby on Rails application to evaluate it for best practices, visible security issues and code quality and maintainability issues across your entire application.

Multiple expert developers review your code

Our Code Inspect developers go through your code looking at the implementation and development of the application from many angles: from a visual inspection as well as using industry standard tooling; from versions of frameworks and gems to security and deployment issues, and even checking out your live production system if available.

The report you receive is thorough and complete, covering all major out points of your application and a summary of the good parts as well!

A key point of the reinteractive Code Inspect service is more than one person reviews your code and application and helps compile the report. A typical Code Inspect report passes through three different developers to make sure your application gets the attention it deserves.

In addition to the standard service, we can accommodate specific requests to review code for critical points as requested by the client. These points need to be clarified at the start of the evaluation process before a price is given thus ensuring we can deliver what you are after.

Ready to get started on the Code Inspect?

Why Would I Want reinteractive Code Inspect?

Our clients use reinteractive Code Inspect for many reasons, but the end result is the same: they want a deep dive into their application by top developers to find out any issues their app has buried within.

What do you Check?

You can see some of what we check in our Code Inspect audit checklist but this only gives you the broad headings of the document.

Before we start any Code Inspect service, we also talk with the client to find out areas of concern they might have, be it performance, security, UX or all of the above. Each Code Inspect is hand tailored to the client and the application. Depending on needs we can focus on different areas, or if you want us to spend more time, we can focus on multiple areas, the service is customisable and if you talk to us about your specific concern, we can work something out.

Our Code Inspect developers go through your code looking at the implementation and development of the application from many angles, using our checklist as a starting point. They review every aspect they can get their hands on. The report you receive is thorough and quite often extends past 15-20 pages of hand-crafted recommendations covering all major situations of your application we have discovered. We even include a summary of the good parts we find as well!

Who Checks the Code?

reinteractive are a team of top Rails developers and designers and we leverage this skill to deliver a thorough Code Inspect service. When you sign up, we assign one of our developers to do the first review of the application. Once that developer has finished, the entire inspection is then peer reviewed by another developer before getting a final review from our Production Manager.

With three separate developers reviewing your application, we ensure that no stone is left unturned and you get the most value for your hard-won dollars.

How Long Does it Take?

The Code Inspect service should be complete within a week for a small Rails applications. For a large Rails application, Code Inspects have taken up to 3 weeks. This time includes any clarifications and communication between yourself and our reviewer.

Can I See an Example?

We are happy to forward to you a sample report of our Code Inspect service, just get in touch with us and ask.

How Much Does it Cost?

A reinteractive Code Inspect service is competitively priced. Most CodeInspects are carried out by our team within one week. Some medium applications take two weeks and large applications have taken up to 3 or 4 weeks to complete. Contact our sales team to get a more accurate quote for your application.

Do You Have any Testimonials?

Of course! One Big Switch, Altura and Berkelouw Books each had a full Code Inspect service done on their application stacks. The results were given to them by our team in a very detailed report highlighting areas that needed attention by their development teams.

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