User Experience and Design

What is it?

reinteractive UX is our user experience and interaction design service. We’ll help make even the most complicated web sites easy to navigate and create engaging solutions that keep your users happy and on your page longer.

Why would I want reinteractive UX?

Our UX team will create a product for you that is in compliance with current UX heuristics and best practices. This means that we will build a user experience that will engage your customers, make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for and give them an enjoyable experience that will keep them coming back.

Thinking of your users and implementing UX features at the start of the your project will save you time and money along the way. If your application is built using only written documents, a lot of the details can get lost and are left to the developer’s imagination.

What does the process involve?

reinteractive UX has several stages: Requirements gathering/Analysis; Sketching concepts and Information Architecture; Interaction design; Evaluation.

  • At the Requirements gathering stage our team will hold a meeting with you to find out what you’re looking to get built and how you would like it to work. If you already have an existing application that you would like to improve, we’ll find out what works well and how we can make it even better. We’ll dig deep to extract as much information as we can about your product, find out about your business needs, your brand and your competitors.

  • Based on these discussions, we’ll create a set of structure diagrams, user journeys and sitemaps with recommendations for information architecture. Where possible, we like to talk to your users to find out what they want from your web site and how they would like it to work. It is important for us to gather as much data about your real users as possible. This will give us a better understanding of their opinion of your existing service and their expectations regarding the kind of service or product you're about to offer.

  • Once the broad information architecture of the product or service is in place, we’ll move on to creating a set of clickable layouts. All we’ll need from you is to know what you'd like to go on each page. It's okay not to know everything about each page. At this point, we know enough about your product or services and your users' needs that we can make recommendations to you and arrange it ourselves. At first these will be quick sketches iterating on different concepts. The goal of this is to make sure we're building something that you're happy with, giving you the chance to use these layouts as a talking point internally.

  • The next phase is the interaction design. This is when we’ll take the approved low-fidelity layout and convert it into a medium-to-high fidelity interactive HTML document (prototype). The complexity of this depends on what you need the prototype for. This is a key part of the work as it is meant to model interaction and behaviour of the site that cannot be captured by words or static layouts. This will give you the answers to "What happens when I click this?" type of questions and will hash out every important detail about how your users will interact with your product or online service. To ensure that we are not planning something that isn't realistically within your scope or budget, this process is permanently validated by visual design and development experts.
  • Once your interactive HTML prototype is complete, we’ll move on to producing the final look, feel and working code for your product.

    What tools do you use?

    Our UX team use Axure RP Pro to create our prototypes because we think it’s the most efficient. If you’d like us to use other tools, just make sure they are available for us and we can :)

    How much will this cost?

    This is up to you. We use all the tools required for the job and no more. This means that we will not force your specific project into a pre-defined workflow just to tick all of the boxes. We adapt our UX design process to your needs and will provide a service that is within your budget without compromising quality.

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