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User Experience (UX) Design helps make even the most complicated web and mobile apps easy to navigate.

App UX Design

What is UX?

We create solutions that engage users, keeping them happy and on your page longer. We know that a thoroughly completed UX Design can make the difference between a successful project and one that struggles.

During this service, our designers will shift the ideas from your head, or paper into a fully clickable and navigable online prototype that you can navigate around — as you would the end product.

Why Would I Want reinteractive UX?

Our UX team will create a product for you that is in compliance with current UX heuristics and best practices. This means that we will build a user experience that will engage your customers, make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for and give them an enjoyable experience that will keep them coming back.

By putting your users first, and implementing UX features at the start of the project, you will save you time and money along the way. If your application is built using only written specification documents, a lot of the details and usability can be lost, or simply left to the developer’s imagination.

Clickable Prototypes

Our prototypes are clickable and allow you to navigate around as you would the end product.
We keep the details low so you can focus on the process and interactions needed to make your application a success. Check out the clickable and testable prototype we built for our friends over at Flood.IO for some ideas of what we could achieve for you.

The UX Process

User Experience (UX) Design is quoted at a fixed price and usually runs for 2 weeks during which we go through the following 3 stages with an optional 4th:

  • 1

    Initial Intensive Data Gathering
    Including getting from you any information you have about the system already, drawings, concepts, designs, branding, process flows, target users, requirements of the system etc.

  • 2

    Sketching Concepts and Information Architecture
    Development of main screens - this takes your initial designs and flows and turns them into a series of screens that demonstrate the main product moving through from start to finish.

  • 3

    Interaction Design and Evaluation
    Fill out the prototype - Once the main screens are built and process flows are agreed, we work with you to fill in all the details needed to get the prototype as representative as possible for you and your users. You own the developed prototype as your intellectual property.

  • 4

    User Testing
    As an optional add-on, we can assist you in conducting user tests directly with your target market or stakeholders.

The next phase is the Visual Design process. engaged the services of reinteractive to enhance the user experience and design of their web site.

Having been built and deployed to market rapidly, many of the UX and Design elements had taken a back seat and suffered as a result. As features continued to grow, important UI elements increasingly felt homeless without sound structure or principle to their design.

Ildikó transformed everything from static portions of our site, through to more dynamic, complex user experiences which were completely re-engineered from the ground up. This brought much needed consistency to the design and has helped with ever important customer conversions.
Tim Koopmans,

reinteractive Services

We build stable, well-tested software, built with Ruby on Rails and Javascript. reinteractive provides a complete solution from project scoping, to UX, design, web and mobile development, through to hosting and maintenance. All driven by our seamless, agile project management processes.

We are experts at large, complex and customised solutions. Bring us your ideas, wish list, integration problem or technical need and we will solve it.

AppWorkshop - Consultation & Project Scoping

We work hard to find the right digital solution for you. Through our AppWorkshop we work with you to identify opportunities and engage in expert planning for business-critical applications. The aim is to get your application delivered and operating as fast as possible, with the viewpoint of incrementally adding features as the site matures and grows.

Learn more about AppWorkshop - Consultation & Project Scoping

Our Guarantee to You

If you are not completely happy with the result of your bespoke development project when we are done, we will give you $10,000 worth of our development time, at no charge, to make it right.

Our OpsCare® and CodeCare® services also have their own simple one month refund and guarantee which you can read in our Terms of Use.

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