New CEO for reinteractive Announced

Team Avatar - Kane Hooper
Kane Hooper
November 2, 2022

We are excited to announce that Kane Hooper, our long serving and successful COO, has been promoted to the CEO role taking over from Mikel Lindsaar - the Founder of reinteractive.

Kane will deal with the day to day operations of the business, while Mikel moves to focus on the future goals of the company as Founder - actively involved with the expansion and success of the company. Mikel is always available to speak with clients and partners of reinteractive to offer assistance and advice.

Kane has been with reinteractive for seven years, and during that time has overseen the expansion of the business. With over 17 years of business management experience in the retail, property and manufacturing sectors prior to reinteractive, he has built a strong reputation in his ability to run and expand companies. He started coding when he was 8 years old, on an old Vic 20 console, and has a great love for software, constantly learning and expanding his knowledge.

Kane is an MBA graduate from Deakin University in Melbourne, and brings with him a standard business practice that fits perfectly with the software development industry. Kane has also developed the first Australian university course on Agile Project Management, receiving government awards for his efforts.

reinteractive is a successful business with hundreds of happy clients. Kane will not be changing any of the successful actions and practices of the business, but instead will double down on what has made reinteractive so successful. For our clients that means it is business as usual. And as many of you have worked directly with Kane in the past, you will know that Kane is concerned with achieving the best result possible for our clients.

We are looking forward to the continued success of everyone involved with reinteractive, our staff, partners and clients.