Ruby on Rails in 2023

Rodrigo Souza
Rodrigo Souza
March 3, 2023

If you’re a curious developer or a manager thinking what is the best web framework for your next MVP or app development project, questions like “is this technology relevant?” or “is this language dead?” should bear on your mind. As an experienced developer, I have to share two important things with you:

Firstly, if you have ever thought “should I learn Ruby on Rails?”, you should because it is the best choice from the HELLO WORLD to IPO! Secondly, as an open source framework with over six thousand people that have contributed code to Rails, we don’t have any indication of “the death of Ruby on Rails”any time soon so the Rails future is stable and sound!

As I have said before, Ruby on Rails is an open-source web framework that counts more than six thousand contributors since its first release. Throughout its 20 year history, Rails has created and improved solutions that convert the complexity of modern web development into an easy-to-use framework. In other words, Ruby on Rails is a stable and well-maintained solution with a large community to back it up.

Ruby on Rails is Great in 2023!

What makes the framework a worthy candidate to invest my time and resources, you certainly will ask. We will enumerate the three most important reasons.

The Rails Community

The community supporting Rails is growing year by year. Without great effort, we can find a lot of forums online where the most relevant are Github, Reddit, and StackOverflow. Another reference indicating this growth is the increasing number of gems (libraries) for numerous purposes.

Regular Updates

The great benefit of having an immense and engaged community is the number of updates. On the Github repository of Rails, we can see tons of interaction between the Rails core team and the community, reporting issues and solving others. The main channel of communication is the official Rails website. There is always more to do, then if you are interested in collaborating, take a look here.

Use Cases and Flexibility

The tech world is full of cases of companies where Ruby on Rails shine. We can mention Basecamp, Soundcloud, and Shopify as big techs using Ruby on Rails as their principal technology. Here at Reinteractive, we have the opportunity to prove how flexible Ruby on Rails is, developing applications for many different types of companies. You can see more details of our work by clicking here.

Common Projects Ruby on Rails is Used for in 2023

Companies use Ruby on Rails for many purposes. Taking advantage of the flexibility and modular composition of Ruby on Rails, the e-commerce industry frequently uses Rails for its solutions. Other examples where Ruby on Rails is a good option are for large growth and agile applications and content management. Let’s see some examples:

E-Commerce Industries

As mentioned before, Shopify is a big tech and one of the highest e-commerce solutions in the world. Their solution easily allows sellers to have an online presence.

Content Management

The State Library New South Wales created a platform allowing crowd-sourced audio transcriptions of historic audio recordings.

Large Growth and Agile Applications

The Ag Consulting Group (ACG) is a US-based independent agricultural consulting company. They build an easy-to-use proprietary software that inputs the financial data generated from a farm and presents it in various reports, helping their clients to make the right decisions at the right time.

The Future of Ruby on Rails

Counting a brilliant core development team, the newest Ruby on Rails versions comes with many goodies. Let’s check some of them:

Encryption at database Layer Turbo and Stimulus for a new approach to the DOM updates Action Text for WYSIWYG editors

Talking about better tools and more performance for your project, since the release of Ruby 3, the benchmark tests indicate Ruby is now 3x faster than older versions, as well as the memory usage issues, were solved. That’s finished the discussion about the Ruby on Rails dead, no? Here we have a detailed post about the benefits of Ruby on Rails.

Chat to the reinteractive team today about how Ruby on Rails can help you! Unquestionably, The Ruby on Rails framework is a versatile and incredible tool for many companies and businesses. Here at reinteractive, we love to build the best solutions based on Ruby on Rails. In our services, you will find an option that will help your business to grow faster and stable. Let’s talk about your next successful project!