reInteractive and New Relic Join Forces

Mikel Lindsaar
January 2, 2014

reInteractive and New Relic Join Forces

I am excited to announce that New Relic and reInteractive have formed a partnership to deliver New Relic Pro to all new Sentinel clients!

This announcement coincides with the release of our new Sentinel Pricing which includes New Relic Pro. All existing clients can choose to keep their existing plan, or migrate to our new pricing and gain access to the performance monitoring tool, New Relic Pro for their servers.

This is particularly exciting for our Operations team, because New Relic Pro provides unlimited data retention, allowing us to help our clients debug long term performance issues that arise with their Rails applications.

The monthly Sentinel service already leverages two other heavyweights in the monitoring and alerting space; Pingdom and Pager Duty. With the addition of New Relic Pro to every client we can now provide total coverage for our clients and their Ruby on Rails applications.

We’ve been working hard at packaging up Sentinel into something that provides real value and support to Rails applications world wide. I hope you find use in it, and if you have any questions, please do reach out and let me know :)