Beware Of AI Influenced Writing

Miko Dagatan
Miko Dagatan February 2, 2024

Recently, there is a surge of hate and skepticism towards articles that were written by ChatGPT and Bard. It makes sense as these generative AI tools have made article-writing an easy task, and it removes the art and identity of the writer on these blog articles. Tools like copyleaks and scribbr have become popular solutions to battle the emergence of AI-written articles. These tools are used to detect blogs and lower their SEO scores so that people wouldn’t read the AI-written articles. However, another style of writing may have come about with the popularity of these AI tools: AI-influenced writing.

What is AI-influenced writing?

It’s simply a term I came up with to describe heavily paraphrasing or even completely overhauling articles generated by AI. To be fair, AI-written articles are easily understandable, concise, and straight-to-the-point. You may want to have use their structure so that you can keep your articles easily consumable for the reader. As an everyday person, you may want to use their structure too.

To give an example of this, I asked ChatGPT to write an article for me to heavily paraphrase. I’ll only give out the introduction:

In the dynamic world of web development, creating interactive user interfaces that seamlessly respond to user actions is paramount.

One such crucial interaction is drag-and-drop functionality, which allows users to intuitively rearrange elements on a page.

While implementing drag-and-drop features from scratch can be complex and time-consuming, React developers have a powerful tool at their disposal: react-beautiful-dnd.

In this post, we’ll delve into the world of React Beautiful DnD and explore how it simplifies the implementation of drag-and-drop interactions in React applications.

After countless attempts to completely overhaul this introduction, I came up with this:

For front-end developers, it’s important to ensure that the user interface provides a seamless experience for the user.

Front-end developers may have encountered needing to implement the drag-and-drop functionality to their projects.

This can be a daunting functionality to implement when starting from scratch. Luckily for us developers, there’s react-beautiful-dnd.

The Problem

You can see that I have changed the words heavily, but I kept the structure of the introduction. It still keeps the points of the paragraph the same, while I’m making the paragraph my own. As a reader, wouldn’t you identify what I’ve written as human-written?

Unfortunately, the “police” don’t think so. The introduction I’ve written is said to have AI-content in copyleaks. I was immediately perplexed. I tried changing more words while trying to keep the structure. Yet and yet again, it’s said to have AI-content until I have reached the daily limit. I cannot paraphrase and check further.

This poses as a problem. As an everyday person, I would like to be efficient in writing as much as possible so that I’ll let my audience understand my points clearly. With the help of AI, I would have definitely done that. So AI-influenced writing would have been good idea. But, with these AI detectors being implemented to the SEO algorithm and becoming too strict, you’re probably better off starting from scratch without any guidance from ChatGPT / Bard.

Even in this article, I’ve added a personal tone to ensure that this wouldn’t be detected as AI-written.


We’re definitely back to square one. We’ll have to write our own articles without any structure coming from AI. Fortunately, we can still ask ChatGPT / Bard to give us pointers to on what to write about. Then, we’ll handle it from there. We’ll put in our own tone, emotion, personal experience, and critical thinking abilities into writing. Then, we can hope for the best that readers understand what we’re trying to convey, or even align with us.


Generative AI tools are definitely helpful to our everyday work. It’s fine that we don’t use it straight from the box and generate articles due to the stigma behind it, but we can’t also use it to influence our writing due to the strictness of AI detectors. We’re back to our own devices, writing with the possibility of being inefficient and incomprehensive. Yet, other than article writing, we are free to use AI in other places.

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