How AI and Ruby on Rails Can Make Your App More Inclusive

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Errol Schmidt June 12, 2024

AI Business Use Case #2

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Struggling to Reach All Your Customers? Ruby on Rails & AI Can Help!

Accessibility and inclusion are no longer just buzzwords – they're essential for creating a world where everyone can participate. And promising new advancements in AI offer powerful tools to help developers achieve true inclusivity within their applications. Here is an example of how to run voice cloning using Ruby on Rails, ElevenLabs and Twilio:

Voice Cloning: A Game Changer for Communication

One particularly promising area is voice cloning technology. As voice cloning becomes easier to use, it opens a door for Ruby on Rails developers to create applications that are truly inclusive for users with speech impediments. Imagine the impact for someone who struggles with clarity during phone calls. Voice cloning allows them to use a synthetic version of their own voice, boosting their confidence and ensuring clear communication. More on Unveiling the Potential: Innovative Uses for Voice Cloning APIs


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Beyond Voice Cloning: The Potential of AI for Accessibility

This is just the tip of the iceberg. AI and voice cloning have the potential to empower many people with disabilities. Ruby on Rails developers are in a prime position to leverage this technology to build innovative solutions that make a real difference in people's lives. Here are some potential applications:

Building a More Inclusive Future

If you're a business owner or developer who cares about accessibility, this is an exciting time to explore the possibilities of AI. By incorporating these technologies into your Ruby on Rails applications, you can create a more inclusive and user-friendly experience for everyone.

Would you like to see in action "AI for Accessibility"?

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