Ruby Together and reinteractive

Team Avatar - Mikel Lindsaar
Mikel Lindsaar
July 9, 2017

Today reinteractive took an important step in our support of the Ruby Community by becoming the world’s first Ruby Member of the RubyTogether project representing a $60,000 USD donation to this open source project annually.

I’m very proud that we are able to do this.

If you don’t know what Ruby Together is, then you should definitely visit the site and check it out. Ruby Together provides community-driven and community-funded development support of critical Ruby toolchain systems, such as Bundler, RubyGems and

What does this mean for our clients and our community? Well, basically, part of every dollar we earn helps fund the stable and expanding future of the Ruby ecosystem. It helps make sure our tools stay up-to-date, performant and secure. So it’s very worthwhile.

We also call on every other development agency or product company that depend on Ruby or Ruby on Rails to go and get a company membership for whatever level they can, today. If you are a developer that uses Ruby for your profession, contributing by getting a personal membership also makes a lot of sense to future job security.

Together, we can get to $50,000 per month and beyond, which will benefit the entire community in a major way.