Ruby on Rails CodeCare®

Fixed price monthly code maintenance for Rails apps

reinteractive's Ruby on Rails CodeCare® is a monthly code maintenance and improvement subscription service.

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"We've got a Rails app, but it's so expensive to get small fixes and tweaks done!"

Is this your situation?

You're not alone, this is why we've developed our Ruby on Rails CodeCare maintenance service.

Getting the application built has cost you many tens, or hundreds of thousands of dollars. And now that it is running, you are looking at the ongoing cost of maintaining it and doing all those small tweaks and bug fixes that inevitably come up. This is where you discover that building the app is only the first part of a long process of keeping it online and up to date.

No matter how good your development team is, every application has some bugs or things that aren't quite right, some of these can't even be found until you've had users on the system trying things and flushing bugs to the surface.

Also, over the months after you finish development, security updates are released that need applying, services which your app depends on might change and generally the application needs someone to be constantly looking after it. None of this is unusual, in fact, it is expected, we see it all the time and getting consistent maintenance is the answer.

After all, like any machine, consistent and attentive maintenance will extend your application's life.

CodeCare solves this for a flat, fixed, predictable monthly fee.

Your core business is not application maintenance or development!

When you decided to build your system, you hired a team, either external or internally to build it, right? You didn't hire a bunch of full time developers and become a software development company right?

Maintaining Ruby on Rails applications requires consistent work, done over months, which can be distracting from your core business or other projects. But it has to be done, otherwise your significant asset will depreciate really fast.

There are a few ways you could tackle this:

One option is to get some developers from other projects to work on this. Sure, this will work, but you are then delaying other project time lines, further the developers will be less efficient switching from one project to another and maintenance isn't their thing so they'll have to learn about what is needed each time they work on this application.

Another option is to hire some freelancer to come in and handle it. This will most likely produce a result of an upgraded Rails application. But most freelancers want hard and interesting projects that they can work on for a few months, for a high fee, and then move on. They aren't setup to do multi-month / multi-year maintenance engagements.

Or you could hire a full time developer. Well, yes, sure. Expensive though for a maintenance task... Do you really need an in-house developer?

None of these solutions seem like a real solution...

With CodeCare (and our OpsCare® service) you can have support and maintenance of your full stack with reinteractive's specialist developers, able to switch on and off the project for key feature development as well.

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Let us look after your Rails Application with CodeCare

You need a team to continually maintain and improve, proactively, your Ruby on Rails application.

They need to do this without distracting the original team, in a reliable proactive manner.

Our Ruby on Rails CodeCare service ticks those boxes and provides you with:

Proactive Support

We install bug and performance monitoring software to monitor your app, any error goes on the list of issues to fix and gets prioritized attention to be resolved by our professional team.

Small Tweaks

No matter the request, be it a typo, the email server just changed it's password or something else. You get ten complimentary hours each and every month to use as you please.

Deployment Management

We manage the deployment of the application to your existing production environment, or enjoy even more amazing support by bundling our Ruby on Rails OpsCare service and get a discount on the "CarePackage".

Security Patches Handled

The latest security issue was just announced? On Ruby on Rails CodeCare this is a side story for you as these critical security patches are applied to your application automatically by our team without you needing to worry.

How it works?

Getting the Ruby on Rails CodeCare service is a simple, risk free process:

  1. You register interest for the service via our contact form
  2. We get access to your code and make sure we can look after your application
  3. You then sign up for the monthly service with your credit card
  4. We perform our Ruby on Rails Scheduled Service and our Ruby on Rails App Health Checklist on your application and give you the results
  5. We install cutting edge best in class monitoring services to constantly check your application including Skylight, Pingdom, PagerDuty and BugSnag
  6. Our world class Rails development team acts on the information received from these tools constantly and proactively updating your application
  7. Get ten hours a month of complimentary development to use to handle any feature request, update, tweak, fix or feature.
  8. Optionally purchase additional hours at a highly discounted rate as one of our priority CodeCare customers.

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Do you have a Service Level Agreement?

Yes, it's called "you are 100% happy or you get a full refund of the last month".

We do our best to look after you. We'll put our money where our mouth is and make sure it is handled. But we don't want to be arguing with you at the end of the month that we missed some target by 3 minutes, we'd rather just get the job done and keep you blown away by our service.

Additional Questions

Fixed cost, are you serious?

Yup! reinteractive is one of the largest Ruby on Rails dedicated development agencies in the Asia Pacific region. Due to this we have met many companies that have applications that just need constant tweaks and maintenance to keep them online and functioning. Because of our scale we can provide this to our customers at a fixed low price and you can be happy knowing your app is being looked after by our amazing team.

What work can I get done?

CodeCare is a professional service, and in delivery of this service we focus 100% on critical bugs in the software (as reported by our bug tracking tools).

But you get ten hours a month that you can have our team working on anything you want.

How much time do I actually get?

Each month you get 10 hours of development to work on your app per month you are subscribed. You can request us to do whatever you would like on your application and we'll work on it in the priority that makes the most sense for you and the application.

In addition to this, we will occasionally do proactive support at our discretion, this includes fixing Rails versions, security updates on software your application depends on as well as tooling or changes to the application that will make the job of maintaining it simpler and more efficient, these changes are not included in the 10 hours per month and you aren't billed for them.

What if I need more than 10 hours?

No problem, you can purchase more on demand hours at any time, these are given at a 15% discount on our standard list price, because we love our CodeCare customers :)

What reporting will I get?

At the end of each month we will provide you with a written report on the proactive work done on your application via email. This will include all the helpdesk tickets we have completed on your application and any other work done for you. We do not provide a specific hours report or otherwise on the CodeCare service.

You will also get an itemised list by hour on the way your 10 hours of development (and any additional hours) have been spent.

Can I get reinteractive to look after my operations and deployment as well?

Absolutely! We have our OpsCare service for exactly that, and even better, if you get both OpsCare and CodeCare, you get the CarePackage with a $75 discount each month!

Which of your development team work on this?

None of them :) We have a dedicated operations team at reinteractive who look after our CodeCare and OpsCare services. Your code updates are done by this team and every change is reviewed by at least one other person on our team to ensure quality before it is published.

We have an active development team on the application, can we use CodeCare?

No. CodeCare is designed to be a maintenance service that runs when you do not have an existing development team on your application.

After using CodeCare for 6 months, can you help transition to an internal team?

Yes of course. We've helped many companies transition from using us as an agency to an internal team. We also allow the option of hiring your CodeCare developer for a placement fee if it would work out for both of you! So you could effectively try before you buy :)

We had our app built by a certain other company, will you still offer this service?


Couldn't I hire reinteractive, get you to fix everything and then get a refund?

Yes, you could, but it wouldn't be very nice. We ask for a 3 month commitment when you sign-up, but you can cancel any time if you are not happy. It's up to you, but we only offer the refund once.

Do you take equity or other financial interest for a discount?


Is there a discount for non-profits or charities?

Yes there is, contact us for details.

Can you invoice me and we'll pay by bank transfer or cheque?

Yes, but you need to pay for at least 6 months in advance and the service will only start once the payment has cleared.

Will reinteractive sign a special negotiated contract for this service?

No. This is a monthly subscription product and we provide a very specific set of circumstances. Our Master Services Agreement is the one we use for the Ruby on Rails CodeCare product, and we believe it should cover pretty much any issue you have (if not, please feel free to contact us to discuss the points that you are concerned about).

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