Case Studies

We have fantastic relationships with our clients and work very, very hard to keep it that way.

All of our clients work with us directly to get their visions implemented and out into the real world.

Here you can see a few short case studies about some of our clients and how we helped them. If you would like to talk to any of them to discuss reinteractive services, please let us know and we'll set up a meeting.

  • Thumbnail radiopaedia

    Radiopaedia needed a new hosting/operations provider after their existing provider stopped servicing third party applications following a merger.

  • Thumbnail businest


    Feb 2018

    Working with the founder of Businest, Rhondalyn Korolak, we helped create an award winning financial management and cash-flow prediction system.

  • Thumbnail fringe

    reinteractive created a bespoke Artist & Venue Registration system for the Adelaide Fringe Festival in time for their Annual festival and greatly improved their processes.

  • Thumbnail state library nsw

    State Library of NSW

    September 2016

    reinteractive completed a transcription editing platform in just 4 weeks ready for launch, enabling the State Library of NSW to realise a project they had been working on for over a year

  • Thumbnail petrescue


    Nov 2015

    reinteractive improved system speed and reliability with a full migration to our 24/7 OpsCare® and CodeCare® solutions, achieving PetRescue’s target of regular 100% uptime of their site

  • Thumbnail openshutters


    Aug 2015

    reinteractive upgraded and debugged their mission critical web application, drastically minimising down time with OpsCare® and CodeCare®

  • Thumbnail acc

    reinteractive stabilised ACCs app into a functional state and using our interactive prototype as a base, we rebuilt the ACC online training portal in just 7 weeks.

  • Thumbnail noyelling

    reinteractive established a best-practices deployment environment and infrastructure on AWS resulting in optimum speed and performance of their site with 24/7 monitoring and support on OpsCare®.

  • Thumbnail bigfuture


    Nov 2014

    Investing in thorough UX research enabled BigFuture to have a clear, concise, well-tested outline of the user process as a strong foundation for the backend requirements and ongoing development.

  • Thumbnail redballoon

    reinteractive redesigned and optimally rebuilt ‘REDII’, the bespoke Ruby on Rails application for employee recognition.

  • Thumbnail westfield labs

    Westfield Labs

    APR 2014

    reinteractive were approached by Westfield Labs to create a partner retailer integration system for Westfield’s ‘online mall’.

  • Thumbnail flood io engaged the services of reinteractive to enhance the user experience and design of their web site.

  • Thumbnail air service


    AUG 2013

    AirService engaged reinteractive to replace their product’s backend with Ruby on Rails.

  • Thumbnail aged care

    ACC engaged reinteractive to complete an Inspect Service on their proprietary platform which included a thorough review of ACC Online’s code base.

  • Thumbnail ninefold

    Ninefold tasked reinteractive with producing a competitive performance analysis between Ninefold and two of it's major competitors.

  • Thumbnail one big switch

    One Big Switch came to reinteractive requesting a code review to improve their application's security and performance, we recommended our Inspect service.

  • Thumbnail tushare

    TuShare contacted reinteractive with an idea that would revolutionise the way people exchange household items and minimise waste. We built their prototype rapidly and efficiently.

  • Thumbnail one big switch

    One Big Switch engaged reinteractive to help them successfully launch Australia's largest consumer based electricity campaign.

  • Thumbnail medfin

    Medfin Finance needed urgent professional help to get a key customer relations system finished and out the door. reinteractive helped make this happen.

  • Thumbnail abc

    The Australian Broadcasting Corporation came to reinteractive to totally rewrite their 7 year old legacy online store from a Microsoft solution to an Agile Ruby on Rails system, in 6 month.

  • Thumbnail buckets and spades

    Buckets and Spades wanted to develop a custom online store that integrated with their existing physical shop order management system. The result is profitable and successful.

  • Thumbnail berkelou books

    Berkelouw Books came to reinteractive asking our help to debug situations with their online store, we recommended our Inspect Service.

  • Thumbnail agencies hq

    AgenciesHQ initially retained reinteractive developers to help migrate their application to Engine Yard cloud and have since used our services to upgrade to Rails 3 and Ruby 1.9.2.

  • Thumbnail job futures

    Job Futures used reinteractive's knowledge and team to supplement their internal development team to produce applications that get Australians on the job.

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