Ruby on Rails Application Review

An application review is where reinteractive reviews your application code base for security flaws, performance issues, or anything that should be improved.


We will provide you with a report detailing the security, performance, code quality and maintainability issues we have found across your entire application.

Why would I want reinteractive App Review?

A reinteractive App Review gives you peace of mind knowing that major issues within your app have been identified and gives you a path forward to resolving them.

What do you check?

We go through your application looking at how easy it is to get up and running, test coverage, documentation, and any security issues. The report you receive contains recommendations on any major issues we have discovered. We even include a summary of the good parts we find as well!

Who checks the code?

reinteractive are a team of top Rails developers and designers and we leverage this skill to deliver a top quality app review, it is our team that dives in and reviews your code.

How long does it take?

The App Review Service is a concise process that takes only a day or so to complete. For larger or more complex Rails applications, it may take a little longer, but for these we would recommend our reinteractive Inspect service.

Can I see an example?

We are happy to forward to you a sample report of our app review service, just get in touch with us and ask.

How much does it cost?

A reinteractive app review service costs $750 per code base you wish us to review.

Most Ruby on Rails applications are one code base and would be $750. However, some larger applications have multiple sets of code, each additional code base will cost $550 after the first.

Contact our sales team and we'll give you an exact price for what you are after.

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