Free help to get your laptop setup and running ready to develop Ruby on Rails applications.

We get your laptop up and running on Rails. This can take a bit of work. You are welcome to bring your Windows, Mac or Linux PC, our team can help get you running on any of these. Once you are up and running, we'll direct you to the first tutorials you should start on.

It will be a wild and fast ride through getting your first Ruby on Rails application working. This will be quick and aimed at an introductory level so that you can get a high level view of how the bits and pieces fit together.

A steady pace, friendly people and knowledgable instructors that don’t make you feel like an idiot when you ask a question.

Des Penny

Upcoming Installfests

There are currently no upcoming events.

Future Rails InstallFests will be run throughout Australian capital cities, or anywhere you can organise enough people together. Get in touch with us if you would like an InstallFest in your area.

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Why reinteractive?

We are in a unique position in the Australian Ruby on Rails market. We have some awesome Ruby on Rails developers working with us and we want more people involved in the community!

Our founder, Mikel Lindsaar, is among the top Rails contributors world wide and that same commitment to excellence extends to our entire team of experienced developers, working daily on both commercial and open-source projects. With many satisfied clients, both large and small, the reinteractive team is usually kept very busy by word of mouth and repeat business. Perhaps we can help you with your application development needs too!

What does it cost?

Nothing. Just your time.

Will there be food?

Yes, we'll organise pizza and drinks for you to munch on while you are getting your system up and running.

Do you offer other training?

Of course! You might be interested in the Ruby on Rails Development Hub community initiative as well.

The InstallFest was a great way to get up and rolling with Ruby on Rails. Never having coded in it before, I was happily surprised to have my own blog coded and online on the first day. The instructors and and written guides, made the whole process effortless. Bravo Child
Great experience! I am impressed by the level of detail covered in such a short amount of time, especially testing. Jurgens Smit

Meet Rachelle, our Community Manager

Rachelle is responsible for making our community more awesome by organising events and seminars which help our entire industry grow and become stronger. Please feel free to contact Rachelle with any ideas or questions you might have about these events, or other event ideas or community actions we could help with.

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