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Salesforce Custom Application Development

We build expert custom web & mobile applications leveraging the direct and rapid synchronisation of information to your Salesforce® environment.

Custom Web Applications for Salesforce

We can create any type of complex web or mobile application on the Salesforce Heroku® platform. Salesforce supplies significant programming tools, but sometimes your need is outside the box, or a mixture of Salesforce and a custom-built multi-language option, for a highly complex application that is really business critical. Or you need your customer-facing application to strategically store data in Salesforce, without blowing out your data charges.

A key benefit of Heroku is it provides easy programming access to Salesforce, making it easy to share the customer data you need with your Salesforce deployment while allowing for the data you don’t need right now to be stored in an economical database on Heroku. This can result in considerable savings, while still allowing for instant service and analysis of your sales and customers. We utilise Heroku Connect, an add-on that allows for a real-time controlled Salesforce data synchronisation with data coming in from your app.

Types of Salesforce Application Integrations:

The list of possible apps we can build for you are limitless and we can tap into your Salesforce to harness the power of the cloud, designing it to make the most out of your Salesforce investment and tools already provided within Salesforce. Here are just a few:

  • eCommerce applications
  • Loyalty/rewards points apps
  • Online finance application
  • Membership apps
  • Property management apps
  • Financial services apps
  • Health & fitness trackers
  • Event registration
  • Vehicle & asset tracking
  • and more…

How We Build an App for You

You might have a great idea for a customer-facing application or need a mission critical complex business application built, connecting to Salesforce. The thought of getting it built can be a little daunting. The last thing you want is to be investing in development, only to find out that the end result wasn't quite what you wanted. So, caution wins out and you don't even start.

Check out our case studies to see examples of apps we’ve built for our clients.

The Right Way to Build an App

An app is built in exact stages and allows you to clearly see your idea blossom into reality, with you maintaining complete control along the way with our agile development process.

Before spending any money on actual development, we conduct an initial detailed intensive data gathering scoping session with you. This de-risks your project considerably. Specialist team members, including our expert Salesforce Architect, identify opportunities and present a comprehensive report on how to cost-effectively implement your IT integration and optimization. We isolate what is “vital” and what is “nice to have” for immediate production value and the best way to achieve it. There is often more than one technical solution when working with Salesforce and custom-built applications. Our goal is to get you exactly what you need at the most cost-effective price.

We gather all information about any existing system, drawings, concepts, designs, branding, process flows, target users, pain point to solve, requirements, etc. This gives us a full understanding of your business process and requirements and allows us to give the best possible advice in terms of user experience and design.

We can then bring suggestions to the table that you didn't even know were possible to be built into an app and ways to improve costs.

Clickable Prototypes

Our UX Designer designs a fully clickable and navigable online prototype. This is an interactive product simulation, taking the user through the features and functionalities of the product. We test the workflow and user journey, ensuring it is smooth, easy to navigate and consistent. Our visual designer then produces the final look of the app with fonts and images. It can then be shared with stakeholders for feedback.

Check out the clickable and testable prototype we built for our friends over at Flood.IO for an idea of what this looks like, with and without the visual design elements.

The client owns this prototype and can either decide to go ahead or not or even change development companies if they choose. Their ideas are now in a workable form, for a modest financial outlay.

Development is the next step, maintaining full flexibility to add new features or make changes along the way.

Close Communication Direct with the Developer
= Complete Confidence

As part of following an Agile approach, we maintain excellent communication between our developers and clients, allowing full transparency during the development process. We have daily meetings and the client has direct access to the developer working on their app and can see what their developer is doing, allowing for immediate changes. We require constant testing of all components along the way, so everything works at the end, with no surprises.

Whether you are IT-savvy or not, our process allows you full control of your application development, which equals total confidence your investment is producing exactly what you want.

And because we are Australian-based and use full-time team members, the client can be comforted that their IP is protected by our strong Intellectual Property and Copyright laws - a definite advantage over some offshore firms.

Your Application is Built on the Heroku Platform

We build your application on the Salesforce Heroku Platform. Heroku is a cloud platform that helps companies get their applications to market rapidly, providing an easily managed hosting infrastructure, which allows the developer to concentrate on building an app.

Companies can create any type of complex web or mobile application on Heroku and a key benefit of Heroku is it provides easy programming access to Salesforce, making it easy to share your customer data with your Salesforce deployment. We utilise Heroku Connect, an add-on that allows for a Salesforce data synchronisation with data coming in from your app.

Using Heroku also allows you to store large amounts of data outside of your Salesforce org when it is not being used, keeping down your Salesforce data-storage fees. When you need it, it can sync seamlessly in real time, allowing you to provide exceptional customer management at affordable prices and continuing to harness the power of the Salesforce Cloud.

Benefits of Heroku Include:

  • the ability to create exceptional customer applications
  • retain 100% control of the look and feel of your application
  • create a complete mobile experience for your customers (i.e. camera, microphone, GPS)
  • the ability for businesses to build anything needed
  • ability to scale to meet increased demand at peak times
  • allows for cost-effective data storage
  • integration with the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • easy programming access to Salesforce.

The Heroku Platform

  • Cloud platform for easily managing hosting infrastructure.
  • Companies can create any type of complex web or mobile application on Heroku.
  • Provides easy programming access to Salesforce.

Heroku Connect

  • Seamless Heroku and Salesforce data synchronisation.
  • Heroku Connect makes it easy for apps to be built on Heroku that easily share data with a Salesforce deployment.
  • Allows for a two-way real-time sync with Salesforce.

We built the Financial Brokers Association of Australia an innovative membership application, with full Salesforce synchronisation

The FBAA wanted to streamline their membership process and drastically improve approval times from weeks down to just minutes.

It was of critical importance that the company we selected knew what they were doing and had the experience and know-how to achieve that symbiotic relationship where all things balance and work smoothly.
— Peter J White AM, Managing Director, Financial Brokers Association of Australia

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reinteractive Services

We build stable, well-tested software, built with Ruby on Rails and Javascript. reinteractive provides a complete solution from project scoping, to UX, design, web and mobile development, through to hosting and maintenance. All driven by our seamless, agile project management processes.

We are experts at large, complex and customised solutions. Bring us your ideas, wish list, integration problem or technical need and we will solve it.

Salesforce & Heroku Custom Solutions

We have in-depth experience in utilising the Salesforce® API and the Heroku platform that allows us to build custom applications that sync with Salesforce, allowing you to leverage the full power of the Salesforce Cloud.

Learn more about Salesforce & Heroku Custom Solutions

Our Guarantee to You

If you are not completely happy with the result of your bespoke development project when we are done, we will give you $10,000 worth of our development time, at no charge, to make it right.

Our OpsCare® and CodeCare® services also have their own simple one month refund and guarantee which you can read in our Terms of Use.

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