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About reinteractive’s Founder and CEO

Mikel Lindsaar

CEO & Founder

Mikel Lindsaar is passionate about solving software and business problems intelligently – if a solution doesn’t exist, he will create one.

Mikel’s experience extends throughout the entire IT stack; from network infrastructure design, VOIP, telephony, through to web hosting, operations and custom web and mobile application development.

In 2010 Mikel formed reinteractive, a software development company focused on rapid application development and systems integration primarily using the Ruby on Rails application development framework.

He set up reinteractive as a 100% remote company – the type of company he wanted to work for. Since its inception, reinteractive has achieved greater than 30% growth, year-on-year and is the largest dedicated Ruby on Rails consultancy in the Asia Pacific region. Over the same time period he successfully started and sold two SaaS businesses, and

In 2013 Mikel co-founded Flood IO with an amazing co-founder team. Flood IO is the world’s most scalable load generation platform and load reporting tool for performance testing world wide.

Mikel is well known in the Ruby on Rails community for his extensive work on the Rails ActionMailer component and as the author of mail, the Ruby email library which has been downloaded more than 233 million times worldwide and is used by many of the biggest and most well-known companies in the world to send their emails.

Mikel is a member of the Ruby on Rails commit team, an international team of peer-approved individuals who are authorised to make or approve changes to the core Ruby on Rails code base. He has also served on the committees of Ruby Australia and the Australian Web Industry Association Committee.

As a means of paying it forward and supporting the Ruby community, Mikel directs a portion of profits from the company to community initiatives helping spearhead the adoption of the Ruby on Rails platform. Since 2013 through his free Rails InstallFest initiative over 2,000 new developers have been introduced to Ruby on Rails, including almost a third of attendees have been female.

With additional specialties in building and growing companies, business management and executive consulting. He is also the Founder and CEO of, providing a new category of online tool: Organisational Management System (OMS). Its goal is to change the way business operates by making available organisational tools that are effective, efficient and simple to use.


My first exposure to Mikel was when he came to the Rails core team with news that he had rewritten the TMail gem that ActionMailer depended on.

This was a huge project, and one which he completed with dedication and attention to detail. He then helped José Valim in the huge task of converting ActionMailer over to use his new library.

This work is one of the major new user-facing changes in Rails 3. He also did significant work on the Rails Plugin directory for Engine Yard.

Having seen him work on both abstract library concerns and a concrete application, I am very confident in his ability to deliver efficiently regardless of the type of problem. I highly recommend him and his work.

Yehuda Katz, Framework Architect
Rails Core

Mikel and José did a great job implementing the new Action Mailer API

David Heinemeier Hansson, Creator of Ruby on Rails
37Signals – Basecamp

Mikel has a passion for his work and it comes through in the finished product. He's extremely easy to work with, bounce ideas off of and ultimately partner with to make a vision become reality.

Kyle Ginavan, Partner & Lead Engineer

I worked with Mikel, and his team, on a handful of occasions while I was the Director of Professional Services for Engine Yard. I have always been careful to choose people and organizations that deliver on their promises, and act with extreme tact and integrity. Mikel does that and more, with a technical acumen that exceeds market standards by miles. I would, and will, work with his team again for sure.

Matt Reider

Mikel is a leader in the Ruby and Rails community. He stays on top of development trends and practices, which means the software coming out of his development shop is top notch. However, what I love the most about Mikel is his personality. It's rare that you find people in the software development world who are so outgoing, giving, and friendly.

Gregg Pollack, Founder
Vue Mastery