About reinteractive

We create and support web and mobile Ruby on Rails and Javascript apps that return real value for our clients. It's a focus that drives our entire company and we are proud to be Australia’s largest Ruby on Rails focused development shop.

Based in Sydney, Australia, all of our full time team members work remotely from across the country, collaborating daily using online tools.

With more people looking for fast and efficient development solutions, our developers work in Ruby on Rails. As a member of the Ruby on Rails commit team and one of the top Ruby on Rails contributors world wide, Founder of reinteractive Mikel Lindsaar is extremely well respected in the Industry, and it is through his credibility that reinteractive has attracted its many clients. Leveraging this expertise, reinteractive has become a thought leader in the Industry creating free community training initiatives and have introduced hundreds of new developers to the language at the InstallFest.

Our team is constantly growing, extending our capabilities to cover every aspect of a solution; back-end, front-end, UX, ScheduledCare, CodeCare, OpsCare and code inspections - we do it all.

We make sure that our developers are performing at their best at all times, ensuring we deliver work of only the highest quality. To do this, we sell our development in 4 day weeks, giving our team a day a week to reenergise, get up to speed with new development practices, contribute to open-source work and share their knowledge.

reinteractive are here to take your requirements and work with you to integrate them as part of your overall strategy, creating real, exchangeable, measurable value for your organisation. To prove this, we go as far as offering a $10,000 guarantee on our Development work.

Contact us through our enquiry form or by email at info@reinteractive.net. You can also call us on +61 2 8019 7252 or +1 415 365 9680. Tell us your situation and we'll let you know how we can help.

We are in Australia and the USA and reinteractive is an Australian registered company. ABN: 62 160 446 453.