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We provided an expert UX and Visual design service for Referyou’s mobile application.

Referyou needed an expert UX designer to address some UX/UI issues for their new app and engaged reinteractive to solve them.

After I had met with the UX Designer to demonstrate our app and the UX/UI problems, she quickly had designed a solution, which was absolutely brilliant!
Paul Christian, Founder, Referyou

What We Did & How We Did It

Paul Christian, founder of Referyou, was developing a new social referral network app when he approached reinteractive to address some UX/UI issues they had:

Our company had developed an app and we quickly realised there was some poor UX/UI which we needed to improve drastically to help ensure success of our product. I had heard that reinteractive has one of the highest qualified UX designers in Australia, so I immediately considered engaging reinteractive to provide us with a solution.

From the start I was made to feel like a valued customer, despite the fairly small and specific nature of the work that we needed.

Paul Christian, Founder

User Experience Design

User Experience (UX) Design helps make even the most complicated web and mobile apps easy to use. A good UX designer works out solutions detailing the exact needs of your customer as they navigate through your application or site.

The goals include ensuring your application is engaging, and that users can easily find what they are looking for. You want them to stay on your site longer and overall have an enjoyable experience that keeps them coming back.

After I had met with the UX Designer to demonstrate our app and the UX/UI problems, she quickly had designed a solution, which was absolutely brilliant!
Paul Christian, Founder

Visual Design

Next, reinteractive’s Designer worked on the visual design and collaborated closely with our UX Designer to achieve an outcome that conveyed the user information in a simple and concise manner.

reinteractive’s visual designer, then designed several screen options which allowed us to choose the best UX/UI solution for the users of our app.
Paul Christian, Founder

The Result

If an application is built using only written specification documents, a lot of the details and usability can be lost, or simply left to the developer’s imagination.

By putting the end users of an application first when designing and implementing features, clients save time and money with the development phase working to exact and best practice user experience.

A thoroughly completed UX Design can make the difference between a successful project and one that struggles.

The experience all the way through was exceptional and the result was better than I expected. The value of a great UX designer cannot be overstated in my opinion. Our investment in reinteractive, so we could access a first class UX designer was money very, very well spent.
Paul Christian, Founder

BigFuture needed a UX (user experience) design that would simplify a complex process

Investing in thorough UX research enabled BigFuture to have a clear, concise, well-tested outline of the user process as a strong foundation for the backend requirements and ongoing development.

reinteractive brought a degree of expertise that we didn’t have. There was a real disciplined approach about what worked and what didn’t work. They were very good at breaking down a complex offering into more digestible parts, that communicated and people can relate to. Their consultant was able to hold her ground and put across an experienced and workable solution in instances where some of our team had very strong and fixed ideas on how it should look.
Donald Hellyer, Co-Founder & CEO, BigFuture

reinteractive Services

We build stable, well-tested software, built with Ruby on Rails and Javascript. reinteractive provides a complete solution from project scoping, to UX, design, web and mobile development, through to hosting and maintenance. All driven by our seamless, agile project management processes.

We are experts at large, complex and customised solutions. Bring us your ideas, wish list, integration problem or technical need and we will solve it.

AppWorkshop - Consultation & Project Scoping

We work hard to find the right digital solution for you. Through our AppWorkshop we work with you to identify opportunities and engage in expert planning for business-critical applications. The aim is to get your application delivered and operating as fast as possible, with the viewpoint of incrementally adding features as the site matures and grows.

Learn more about AppWorkshop - Consultation & Project Scoping

Our Guarantee to You

If you are not completely happy with the result of your bespoke development project when we are done, we will give you $10,000 worth of our development time, at no charge, to make it right.

Our OpsCare® and CodeCare® services also have their own simple one month refund and guarantee which you can read in our Terms of Use.

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