No Yelling Driving School

No Yelling is a modern online driving school, specialising in youth-focused, high-quality driving lessons. No Yelling’s mission is to provide a pain free way for people to find and connect with great instructors resulting in a smooth progression to achieving their license.


Established in 2010, No Yelling was growing out of its start-up phase and rapidly increased the amount of subscribers and users to their site. They had reached the stage where any loss of data would be disastrous so it became imperative that all their data and backups were stored in a stable and secure environment. To achieve this they needed to upgrade to an infrastructure that would guarantee maximum security and site performance while sustaining their continued growth.

In addition, one of the developers was also juggling the responsibilities as the systems administrator which became stressful and problematic when he needed to spend more time on feature development and keeping the apps up to date. It was becoming impossible to effectively manage the development requirements AND to be responsible for operations. No Yelling needed to reduce stress levels and free up time for the developers as much as possible so that they could continue building out their Rails app features, and turned to our trusted team at reinteractive to take care of their ops management with OpsCare®.

“We chose reinteractive, as we knew Mikel and his team were of a high calibre and influential in the Ruby community. We were really happy with what we saw regarding OpsCare and that it covered all of our needs.”

Jasper Boyschau – Managing Director, No Yelling

Engaging reinteractive

No Yelling had a large amount of data to be migrated and moving over to OpsCare was the first deploy they had ever done on that scale. Our team helped No Yelling with the migration from their home-grown infrastructure on AWS onto our OpsCare monitoring systems with minimal downtime. It was a smooth, pain-free transition.

reinteractive’s Operations team then established a best-practices deployment environment and infrastructure on AWS resulting in optimum speed and performance of their site. Improved disaster recovery and backup options were installed so we can now maintain and update their infrastructure with minimal risk.

Now that No Yelling are on the OpsCare service they can take advantage of ease of deployment. What was previously hard work and would take weeks for them to deploy, can now be done in moments, and as many times a day as needed.

A quick update used to be a weekly deployment headache but with OpsCare it happens instantly and without fuss. The developers at No Yelling are thrilled to be able to deploy live to the server with no downtime; small bug fixes and minor feature updates happen seamlessly, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. Clients can see their changes and requests implemented and deployed immediately.

Additionally, with OpsCare, the team at No Yelling can rest assured that their sensitive client data is now much more secure with constant security upgrades completed regularly without impacting their ability to deliver.


  • Complex processes are now simplified to a single command
  • Developers can now adopt rapid agile development with multiple daily releases.
  • Infrastructure is now built with industry best-practices
  • Sensitive data is now more secure
  • Increased customer satisfaction through site performance improvements

“Moving to OpsCare has created a lot more time efficiency with our developers and eliminated a large amount of variables that we previously had.”

Jasper Boyschau – Managing Director, No Yelling

“Reinteractive did a great job of delivering what they promised within our budget. We were very impressed with the amount of effort that was put in and the technical ability to execute a really difficult configuration, within budget”

Jasper Boyschau – Managing Director, No Yelling

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