MedFin Finance

In May 2011, MedFin contacted reinteractive and asked us to provide development assistance for their in house application. At that point in time, MedFin internal team consisted of a single developer. The project had gone through several rewrites before reinteractive arrived and assistance was needed to get the project actually completed and into production by a September dead line.

With reinteractive's help, MedFin was able to access the knowledge provided by our expert consultants. reinteractive worked together with their internal team member to develop and test the application to ensure high quality.

During this process, reinteractive worked with an integral QA team who proofed the different iterations of application, suggesting improvements. Due to the flexibility of the Ruby language and high communication between the internal team and reinteractive, these changes were able to be made quickly and effectively.

At the end of the project, reinteractive delivered the application into production, on time.

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