Job Futures Australia

In late 2010, Job Futures approached reinteractive to assist with the ongoing development and support of their internal Ruby on Rails applications, supporting their in house development team. The existing setup of internal applications including the use of various government data feeds meant that Job Futures had a very complex environment and ever changing data sets to work with.

Job Futures had invested a lot of time and resources into their Ruby on Rails applications, and was one of the first Australian organisations to embrace Ruby on Rails as a core system for delivery of custom web applications to their member organisations. Over the years the number of applications they had in production had expanded from one to thirteen.

Internal API

With this many applications, there were many opportunities to consolidate redundant code between them. Through discussions with Job Futures, it was decided to provide an internal API that would allow for the removal of redundant code.

reinteractive's developers helped determine a path to provide an internal API allowing for consolidation of multiple sets of code into a single location. The completion of this provided for a much cleaner and simpler way to maintain systems, with changes in the core code base being restricted to only one location.

Team Building

Job Futures requested the professional knowledge of reinteractive to help them build a new internal team. A reinteractive developer came to each hiring interview to help asses the quality of the new staff and provide expert technical advice on the ability of each prospect.

By using reinteractive in the hiring process, Job Futures management was better able to assess the ability of the new staff and improve the quality of their internal team hires.

Ongoing Work

With the internal API completed, reinteractive was then tasked with helping expand the existing applications to handle new data sets as required.

Instead of working in isolation, reinteractive worked closely with the internal team. This allowed us to quickly implement the features requested, while also keeping the internal team abreast of the changes, allowing the reinteractive developers to pull out smoothly when the time came.

“Job Futures’ primary goal when we engaged reinteractive was to provide our in-house development team with hands-on expert knowledge and to guide us in achieving stability and the highest quality possible for our very complex data set and web applications. That happened during a critical time of our organisation, and reinteractive hit that goal and much more. Their professional, honest and open approach continues to help us deliver and as a result, we have formed a great partnership with them.”

Nino Karmajana, IT Solutions Manager

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