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Providing an expert third-party code review for COVID Comply

After launch and experiencing a rapid growth in users, COVID Comply’s director signed up for a reinteractive App Review to get an independent, third-party review of the app’s code as part of a standard risk assessment.

The great thing about working with reinteractive is you get to work directly with the developers, which is a huge plus. As a technical founder, I find proxying through a project manager adds unnecessary layers of complexity and creates opportunity for human error.
Ben Richardson, Founder & Director, COVID Comply

In early 2020, COVID-19 reached Australian shores. Shortly thereafter contact tracing became a necessity for many businesses to continue operating.

With new requirements implemented by Australian State Governments for a wide variety of businesses, organisations, and associations to capture contact details for customers, including location data and health questionnaire results for staff; the ability to easily implement a single secure solution was imperative.

Seeing the need for a comprehensive, advanced, feature-rich, contact tracing solution, fully compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles, Ben Richardson created COVID Comply. Ben knew that while simple contact tracing apps are easy to build, with a lot of solutions available in the market, it is critically important that businesses select a provider with customer data privacy and security at the core of their software development process.

COVID Comply is an industry leader for contact tracing apps. The portal is automatically configured to meet government requirements for each location's address along with a host of other customisable features to suit individual business needs.

Ben engaged reinteractive to do an App Review of COVID Comply, which is delivered by a senior Ruby on Rails developer. He was familiar with reinteractive’s development and App Review services, having hired us for previous projects.

COVID Comply launched 5 months ago and we have had a million check-ins to date and are currently servicing 50,000 check-ins a day, for more than 2,500 businesses, with more signing up daily.

I wanted an independent, expert third-party review of the app’s code to ensure it was maintaining the highest possible security of personal data.

I had very specific questions and parts of the code I wanted reviewed. I didn’t want a business-oriented report back. I wanted a clear technical-oriented report, such as ‘these are problems found and this is how to solve them.’ I got exactly that, which was perfect. The developer skipped all the fluffy stuff and went straight into the technical detail.

Ben Richardson, Founder & Director
COVID Comply

App Review Process

A senior Ruby on Rails developer goes through your application looking at how easy it is to get up and running, the test coverage, documentation, and any security issues. The report you receive contains recommendations on any major issues discovered. We even include a summary of the good parts we find as well! The developer then goes through the report with you, answering any questions.

A reinteractive App Review gives you peace of mind knowing that major issues within your app have been identified, providing you a path forward to resolving them. Click here for a more detailed summary of what we check for in an App Review.

Many developers are cautious of third party code reviews initialised by business owners. There also are many business owners who don’t completely trust their developers and want third party validation. I believe third party code reviews should be part of standard risk assessment that both developers and business owners proactively seek on a regular basis. Bringing in a third party with a lot of collective intelligence and experience to sanity check the direction in which the codebase is headed makes a lot of sense. You can never be too cautious when it comes to collecting and protecting personal data.

Ben Richardson, Founder & Director
COVID Comply

Working with reinteractive

“The great thing about working with reinteractive is you get to work directly with the developers, which is a huge plus. As a technical founder, I find proxying through a project manager adds unnecessary layers of complexity and creates opportunity for human error.

“The experience of interacting with the developer who did the App Review was great. They were straight to the point. There was one critical aspect that I wanted immediate feedback on which was prioritised and delivered before the full code review report. After the review was finished, I still had some followup questions about some remediation actions and the developer continued to support a couple of queries beyond project completion. Overall, as a founder of a product that is evolving rapidly, the way reinteractive tailor their engagement to suit my circumstances is second to none.”

— Ben Richardson, Founder & Director, COVID Comply


Helping COVID Comply grow

Following the Application Review, Ben made the decision to move COVID Comply to reinteractive's OpsCare managed hosting. OpsCare managed hosting for Ruby on Rails applications provides scheduled or load based scaling and includes around the clock monitoring and support.

Partnering with Businest to build their bespoke accounting application

Working with the founder of Businest, Rhondalyn Korolak, we created an award-winning financial management and cash-flow prediction web application.

reinteractive is the biggest Ruby on Rails development house in the country and has a fantastic reputation in the market, so we were confident that the right number of resources could be assigned to the project. We were very impressed with the level of dedication and care on the project, with development hitting the ground running.
Rhondalynn Korolak, Managing Director, businest

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