Berkelouw Books

In January 2011 reinteractive completed a full Inspect Service on the Berkelouw Books code base which includes a full Code Review.

While the reinteractive Inspect Service includes a Code Review, it covers much more, including:

  • Overall application design
  • Rails and Ruby versions
  • Dependent Gems
  • Documentation
  • Security
  • UI Improvements
  • Application environment and setup
  • Production server and logs
  • Detailed review of every Model
  • Detailed review of every Controller
  • Full review of code style
  • Correct use of Ruby and Rails best practices

The resulting document was delivered to David and he then forwarded this onto his development team to get busy fixing up the situations found.

Knowing the exact state of his Rails application and site allowed David to make the correct management calls on what further work was needed and how best to allocate funds on taking his site forward.

The Inspect Service can be applied to any Ruby on Rails or even straight Ruby gems or libraries. We provide the Inspect Service to clients who have in house teams, who outsource their app, or are looking at moving to a new phase in their development. It is also utilised by development houses who want a review of their code base to help highlight areas where their own developers need further training.

When delivering the Inspect Service, reinteractive is discrete and while we do offer our services for further development if the client requires, our standard recommendation is for the client to stick with their existing developers.

“reinteractive performed an Inspect service on our website. It was extremely professional and thorough and has provided a very useful framework from which we can go about improving many aspects of our website. I thoroughly recommend it for anyone who wishes to identify the problem areas of their site.”

David Berkelouw

reinteractive's Inspect can help you find out if your app is stable or if it has any issues and bugs hiding within.

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