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Popular Articles on Javascript by Our Team

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Latest Articles by Our Team

The Quirky Array Constructor and a Use for Holey Arrays in ES6

By Adam Davies,

2016 development javascript rails

In JavaScript, an Array isn't like your typical array: it's an object with keys that are indexes. What this means is that you need to be aware that the length can be more than the number of elements and that there can be "holes".

In day-to-day development you'll probably just build up arrays using the literal syntax, like so:

ES6 classes and JavaScript prototypes

By Sebastian Porto,

2015 development javascript

ES6 introduces the class keyword. At first glance this looks like a completely new object model that follows classical languages like Java or Ruby, but behind the new syntax there is nothing new. The class syntax just provides an alternative way to create plain old JavaScript objects.

In this post I want to explain ES6 classes in the context of the JavaScript objects they produce.

Rails with Webpack - Why and How

By Sebastian Porto,

2014 javascript rails

The Asset Pipeline (Sprockets) is the canonical way of packaging assets in Rails, it makes things very easy for us as it provides a very clear way on how to load our assets and how to bundle them for production.

I believe the Asset Pipeline is a good approach for most Rails applications, but there are times when it makes things harder and shows limitations.

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