Evaluating Security: Why Your Ruby on Rails App Needs Regular Reviews

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Richard Gonzales May 23, 2024

Applications developed on Ruby on Rails can be very reliable and robust. These applications are comprised of numerous components and libraries to make them easier to build. Through the years, these components and even the core libraries of this framework will require upgrades and changes to adopt to current vulnerabilities, compliance with regulations, performance and user data protection.

Regular application security reviews mitigate or remove critical issues that might affect the business and users. Here is a list of why these reviews are very important.

1. Resolve Vulnerabilities

A proactive approach of resolving vulnerabilities protects the application from possible exploits that can lead to data breach. Security reviews on newly discovered vulnerabilities will protect the business and avoid disruptions. This also enhances business reputation by addressing security concerns and the company’s commitment to user data protection.

Check out OWASP Top 10 Web Application Security Risks. This document represents a broad consensus about the most critical security risks to web applications.

top 10 security risks by OWASP

2. Manage Dependencies

Ruby on Rails applications depend on many gems and libraries. These dependencies enhance functionalities and are beneficial for rapid development but at the same time can introduce security issues if not properly maintained and updated. An up-to-date application dependencies can ensure that such vulnerabilities are properly and immediately addressed.

Here is a helpful resource with the following features: Bundler-Audit documentation


  • Checks for vulnerable versions of gems in Gemfile.lock.
  • Checks for insecure gem sources (http:// and git://).
  • Allows ignoring certain advisories that have been manually worked around.
  • Prints advisory information.

Bundler-Audit documentation

3. Ensure Code Integrity

Regular codebase reviews will ensure the adoption of secure coding practices. As new features are developed and implemented, these can add complexity and somehow expose the application to security issues and concerns.

Receive a full report of your Ruby on Rails application with our code audit.

Also, here is a handy tool, check this out: Static Code Analysis Tools for Ruby


4. Comply with Regulations

Compliance with regulations which mandates regular security assessment to protect sensitive information can also be addressed by regular reviews. This is to avoid legal issues and penalties for non-compliance.

5. Protect User Information

Part of the critical aspects of application security is user data protection. Loss of user trust, penalties and damages to the company’s reputation are the severe consequences of data breaches. Regular security reviews mitigate and identify vulnerabilities to ensure the security of user’s information.

6. Maintain Application Performance and Reliability

Application vulnerabilities will automatically induce business disruption. Regular security reviews identify potential performance bottlenecks and reliability issues cause by security flaws.

Regular security reviews are key component to a proactive risk management. Timely addressing identified potential security risks reduce the likelihood of business disruption and security breach incidents. This not only safeguard the application but the protection of the business and user information.

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