The Training Trap: Generative AI and Data Security Concerns

Team Avatar - Errol Schmidt
Errol Schmidt July 9, 2024

An article that triggered my interest by Kyt Dotson on Salesforce survey shows IT interest in generative AI tempered with technical, ethical concerns highlights the growing interest in generative AI, but also the anxieties surrounding its implementation. This resonates strongly with the theme of our upcoming webinar, The Training Trap: How AI uses your data.


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Dotson reports on a Salesforce survey of over 500 IT leaders, revealing a significant positive outlook on generative AI. Over two-thirds (67%) consider it a business priority in the next 18 months, highlighting its potential to revolutionise various aspects of operations (e.g., customer service, data analysis).


AI as a business priority


However, the article also sheds light on the "growing pains" associated with this nascent technology. Security concerns and ethical considerations around bias emerged as significant obstacles. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of respondents expressed a lack of preparedness due to potential security vulnerabilities, employee training needs, and the need for new security protocols.


AI preparedness


This lack of preparedness directly connects to the concept of the "training trap" we'll be exploring in our webinar. As Dotson points out, a majority (59%) believe generative AI outputs could be inaccurate and harbor biases. This aligns with the idea that the data used to train these AI models can perpetuate existing biases, leading to discriminatory or misleading outputs.


Accuracy of AI outputs


The Salesforce survey also emphasises the need for proactive measures. Nearly all respondents (99%) acknowledge the importance of addressing these issues. While there's a call for collaboration (83%) and utilising diverse data sources (81%) to mitigate bias, a surprising only 30% believe in establishing ethical use guidelines.


AI ethical guidelines


Our upcoming webinar, The Training Trap: How AI uses your data, will delve deeper into these challenges and explore strategies for responsible AI implementation. We'll discuss how to ensure data quality, mitigate bias, and implement safeguards to build trust in generative AI solutions.


By attending this webinar, you'll gain valuable insights into:


  • How generative AI works and its potential applications
  • The concept of the "training trap" and its implications for data security
  • Practical steps to ensure responsible use of generative AI


Join us to navigate the exciting yet complex world of generative AI and make informed decisions about its integration into your business.

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