reinteractive Team Goes Full Throttle at RaceCentre

Gabriel Gizotti
April 15, 2013

reinteractive Team Goes Full Throttle at RaceCentre

The competition started with free practice for all 16 of us, then qualifying where everyone tried to set their best time.

Mikel got pole position, followed by Chris and Dave. Teams were formed up with the fastest drivers pairing up with the slowest to even out the field and then the race was on!

The first corner after the start was total CARnage with the entire field except pole crashing. Then the race was on for everyone chasing down the cars in front and more often the walls on the side.

After 10 laps and a driver change, Mikel was in the lead, but Dave and his co-driver mounted a challenge, catching up two laps due to some badly positioned barriers interfering with Mikel’s co-driver, Helen.

Then disaster struck, mechanical failure (a computer crashing) meant that Mikel and Helen had to move to another car, starting 11 laps behind the rest of the field!

Chris and Cherie then set the fastest lap in their pursuit of the race leaders Dave and Warren at 2:09.471, Mikel and Helen were at the back of the field 11 laps down.

Four laps to go, Chris decided to inform Mikel that he was only second fastest on the race track… the gauntlet had been thrown for fastest lap!

On the last lap, Dave and Warren finished in a commanding 2 lap lead, with the rest of the field following behind. Mikel pitted with three laps to go, got a fresh set of tyres and pulled out determined to get the fastest lap of the race and save some dignity.

On his last lap Mikel crossed the line at the chequered flag with a 2:08..610 and only 8 laps down. Great night had by all!