Why Come to InstallFest?

Gabriel Gizotti
September 25, 2013

Last night we held the sixth Sydney InstallFest! We’ve now had over 120 participants in Sydney come along to this event and are excited to get even more developers introduced to Ruby on Rails. The InstallFest has attracted attention globally and is set to launch in Melbourne and Singapore next month! So, why should you come along?

It’s Free

The InstallFest is free, so you won’t have spend a cent to learn Ruby on Rails. Thanks to the help of our awesome Community we’re able get professional developers to come along and volunteer their time to help get you started. You’ll have your development environment setup and free guides to help you get your very own Ruby on Rails application built and online.

On top of all of this, we have some wonderful sponsors supporting this event. Fairfax Media are hosting us with a top class venue and GA are providing delicious pizza to keep us going! You’ll also get some vouchers for Code School, Pragmatic Bookshelf and RailsCasts so that you can keep learning!

You’ve Got a Great Idea

So, you have come up a with a great idea that you’d like to share with the world, if only you knew how to code! Many participants come along to the InstallFest because they’d like to get started on developing something awesome, and once you’ve completed the 15 minute blog we’ve got some excellent tips on what to do next!

Understand your Tech Team

You’ve got an idea and have found a developer to work with, but what are they talking about - ‘push’ ‘pull’ ‘fork’ branch’ - what does it all mean? The InstallFest will give you an overview of what Ruby on Rails is all about, it will help you to understand what your developers are talking about and make it easier for you to communicate with them.

Meet Some Awesome People

At the InstallFest you’ll meet others that are just like you, looking to get started with Ruby on Rails! You’ll also meet some amazing professional devs. The Ruby on Rails Community has some awesome people and we’d love you to be a part of it! We all love Ruby and Rails and are excited to share this passion with you!

Be Surprised!

You’ll be surprised at how brilliant you actually are (and how magical Ruby on Rails is)! No matter what your background, we’re sure that you’ll have built your very own Ruby on Rails application and have it live to share with all of your friends and family in just one night!

This is what some our new Rails developers said about last night’s InstallFest:

“Great idea! So necessary and useful. Thank you all.” - Jens Korff “Excellent and very helpful. Lost my fear of Ruby on Rails tonight!” - Arvindh Selvaraj “Very well organised and the helpers were awesome!” - Joel Kim “Friendly, open, supportive environment. Love the Ruby Community!” - Chris Callow “It was great! Awesome impression of Ruby on Rails and I’ll definitely learn more of it.” “I am impressed to already see the blog up and running. The people providing support were extremely patient and helpful!”