Why Learn to Code?

Gabriel Gizotti
November 26, 2013

With the final Sydney InstallFest for the year wrapped up and over two hundred new Rails Developers up and running, the question is why is it so important for these participants to learn to code?

Create Value with Your Own Ideas

An idea is worth nothing until it becomes something, and the execution of an idea is worth much more than the idea itself. Knowing how to code gives you the advantage of being able to do something with your ideas and share them with the world in a very short amount of time.

There is a Shortage of Developers

The world today runs on computers, with devices like smartphones and tablets stuck to consumers hands at all hours of the day. As more of this technology is created, we’ll need more developers to write software for the increasing number of computers and devices.

Development jobs are increasing to a point where it is almost impossible to fill the demand. While many struggle to find work, the developer community seems to be unaffected. So, if you are looking for a great career field, with a high earning potential and great future prospects, you might want to consider learning to code.

Stay Ahead or Get Left Behind

As technology progresses, skills that once were rare, will be basic knowledge to society. When the typewriter came about, knowing how to type was a unique skill. These days not knowing how to type would be laughable. Similarly, when computers became popular in the workplace, those that hadn’t invested in learning how to use them got left behind.

It seems that at some point, learning to program will be as common as learning to read or write, becoming a basic part of education. So, it would be wise to learn how to code now, rather than trying to catch up later.

Think Differently

Programming teaches you to think about things in a different way. It is all about taking large complicated problems and breaking them down into smaller parts that can be easily accomplished. These problem solving skills permeate far beyond the programming world and your computer, and will help you with the problems you encounter in your day-to-day life.

There is Free Help

The best part is that learning to code will cost you nothing! The Ruby and Rails community is very giving and most of the professional Developers are happy to help. Our team at reInteractive have created the free the InstallFest and Development Hub initiatives to help get you started.

Whether you need to get your development environment setup, tackle errors in your code or just ask some general questions, we’ve created an environment to help you do it.

It is much easier to learn to code when you have a community of people around to help support and guide you. So, take advantage of these awesome events and our great Community.