What You Want From our Upgraded Sentinel Service

Gabriel Gizotti
May 22, 2013

What You Want From our Upgraded Sentinel Service

It is every person’s worst nightmare to have an irritated and frustrated user, calling or emailing you to say that your application has gone offline. Worse is, you may find that some of these annoyed users may search elsewhere to find an application that is online or appears to be more reliable.

We know how important it is that your application is always online and available, so here at reInteractive, we have remodelled our monitoring and support service to better suit you! By opting-in to this service, you can be at ease, knowing that our team is always watching over your application, and be confident that your users’ information is stored, safely and securely.

We are sure that your in-house team of developers are working hard, and are constantly making changes and updates. However, we wonder, with all the work they are already doing, would they be able to do their own jobs and have time to fix an unexpected problem? Would you have access to other developers? Might it be a strain on your team? How would you go about fixing the application? Our service would be there to ease up the workload, of your already busy developers, and would give you direct access to reInteractive’s team of Developers to fix the problem.

We are not just a system that monitors the performance of your application, we are a team of real people that are there to pick up the pieces, should they fall apart. We know that running your business is hard enough, so let us handle the pressure of ensuring your application is always available for your clients to use.