We've Launched the Ruby on Rails InstallFest Website!

Gabriel Gizotti
October 22, 2013

Last night we held the ninth InstallFest this year, bringing us one step closer to setting up 200 new developers with Rails! Seven enthusiastic mentors came along to Fairfax Media to help get seventeen new developers setup and started with Ruby on Rails! Check out the photos on our Facebook Gallery!

Last night’s event was made even more exciting by the launch of the new InstallFest web site and open source Ruby on Rails setup guide! As part of our team’s effort to give back to the Community, our Developer Leonard Garvey and Designer Joelle Peters have been busy working away to create this awesome InstallFest web site. We can now share these resources with even more people and can give the RoR Community the opportunity to contribute to the guides.

We have put the guides online as open source on github¬†so if you have any problems or think you can help, let us know!¬†We are also working on upgrading the Guides to Rails 4.0, so if you’d like to help out with this, pull requests and issues are welcome.

Once again, a huge thank you to the Community for supporting this initiative. The impact we have made is clear when you take a look at some of the awesome testimonials that we have shared on the new web site. We are hoping to grow this event to be even bigger and to reach even more people!

Here is what some of our attendees from last night had to say:

“Just great for a newbie like me” - Ann Jackson “Great event, friendly and well organised.” - Ian Fletcher “It was a great and welcoming environment! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity! We are really glad we were here this evening!” - Prarriti Pradhan “Very useful and a great start for a beginner!” “Overall it was a great experience and just the base understanding that I was after in Rails.” - Simon Taggart “Really enjoyed it! Actually learnt a thing or two.” - Charbel Ayoub “Great evening, everyone has been very helpful.” “It was fantastic! The mentors were very patient and helpful.” “It is a great initiative, very helpful for beginners. Thank you!” - Odair Scatolini Junior “Very well organised. Love the folders with all of the resources, very helpful!” “Very nice and friendly atmosphere” - Gabrielle Lagerstedt “Good info for a new Developer and Rails Noob” - Christoffer Lagerstedt “Awesome :)” - Nadia Vu “Awesome” - Stephen MCDonald