Announcing the reinteractive Apprenticeship Programme

Mikel Lindsaar
November 15, 2014

Over the past year and a half, our InstallFest initiative has introduced more than 600 developers to Ruby on Rails. These developers have been able to move onto Development Hub, but we feel there is a gap. If you look at the job boards, there are a lot of opportunities for mid to senior level Rails developers, but a scarcity of junior level positions.

This presents a problem, how do we take these awesome beginning developers and build them into mid to senior level develops to grow our community? And how to do this efficiently?

So, as a first step, we’ve started a Ruby on Rails developer apprentice program for two lucky developers in Australia.

The program includes our standard 4 day week, with the 5th day on professional development with access to our Code School account and other resources including RubyConf tickets and Rails Camps. This will be a paid gig around $35k to $50k depending on background. The apprentices will work on real code and assigned a mentor for each project they work on and all their work will be peer reviewed and commented on before committing.

This is a great opportunity to break into the Rails development industry and get invaluable experience moving forward.

To win this position, you don’t need loads of experience, but you are excited about the opportunity and want to learn and grow into a full time Ruby on Rails developer.

After you succeed through the trial and the apprenticeship program, you then have the opportunity to become a full time developer at reinteractive and you can help us and the community by training the next apprentice.

reinteractive are known for our community work and fostering the training of new Rails developers. We are multi cultural and focused on equal opportunity and have developers from many backgrounds.

If you want to apply, send your email to Tell us about your background and why you want to become a developer. Give us any information that you think we need to know to make the decision to hire you. We do require that you live in Australia or are able to work in Australia.

Remember, this is less about what programming experience you have, and more about what you can become.

Good luck!

Mikel Lindsaar
CEO & Founder