AWS Move to Per Second Billing

Mikel Lindsaar
September 17, 2017

AWS Move to Per Second Billing

Today, AWS just announced per second billing on their EC2 instances and EBS volumes. It’s great news that AWS have continued to innovate their product, this was one of the areas where the Google Cloud Platform previously had an advantage over AWS.

We are especially happy about this at reinteractive as our OpsCare Ruby on Rails hosting system utilises a prebaked deployment process, which you can see a demonstration of here.

This process spins up new workbench instances to deploy, completed the updating of code, installing new gems and system libraries or anything else needed, then burns a new image of this environment and then discards the workbench to then do the deployment.

Additionally, as our service also provides auto scaling and sleeping of various environments, our clients will get to achieve even more savings on their OpsCare stack.