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By Mikel Lindsaar

Ivanhoe Cycles launches their ecommerce platform on storeConnect

We’re very excited to announce or launch partner, Ivanhoe Cycles has launched their new storeConnect based eCommerce website.

Already having a strong bricks and mortar presence with 4 physical stores, a warehouse and thousands of happy, local customers, Ivanhoe was looking to improve and expand their on-line store. They have grown to be Asia/Pacific’s largest distributors of Giant bicycles.

Like many small to medium sized businesses in Australia, as their business grew, Ivanhoe Cycles had added on more and more software systems to solve their business needs. With each new addition came the need to add and train staff to manage the various components.

Inherent with this patchwork adding of various systems came integration problems and loss of data, double entry and thus double work, and a whole host of other issues. Ivanhoe Cycles needed to transition from their prior eCommerce provider which was struggling to provide the tools and level of integration Ivanhoe required.

Ivanhoe Cycles needed a completely integrated and centralised online ecommerce system, with one source of truth containing all customer information and allowing for easy updates of the store in real time with sales, stock levels and shipping completely connected.

Shopper expectations of a smooth, integrated and connected experience are at an all time high. Businesses that don’t offer seamless and personalised shopping experiences to their customers risk losing them to competition. Per the latest Salesforce research, 80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services, with 70% of customers say that connected processes are important to winning their business*.

Ivanhoe Cycles are now live with storeConnect + Salesforce - an affordable and incredibly innovative platform to help drive growth and ease of use for customers. Their new store provides a connected eCommerce experience, with the back-end seamlessly integrated with Salesforce marketing automation tools for personalised marketing experiences and Service Cloud, helping Ivanhoe Cycles provide unparalleled customer service experiences.

Their switch to storeConnect + Salesforce has helped the team implement the tools they need for a truly immersive customer experience for both their on-line and retail stores.

*Source: State of the Connected Customer

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