In Mid 2013 Founders of AirService Dominic Bressan and Stefan Willaims approached reinteractive because of a decision their team had made to move to a Ruby on Rails backend.

The team at AirService knew that bringing the reinteractive team onto their development so late in the project would change their processes and the way that they had been working. While extra developers would give them more hands, it also meant that their lead developer’s focus would have to change and that things would need to be managed differently.

This did not concern Stefan as his previous work with reinteractive Founder, Mikel Lindsaar gave him confidence in the reinteractive team. He knew that reinteractive would deliver the goods AirService needed and that the team would do whatever it took to get the job done!

Development Process

Coming in so late in the project meant that AirService had already completed their planning and had built a prototype of their project. The AirService API had previously been developed in Microsoft.NET, and it was reinteractive’s task to replace this backend API with Ruby on Rails. reinteractive's Production Manager and Developers worked closely with AirService’s Lead Developer to build the new API.

Demo Launch

Once this phase had been completed, AirService was able to get the interface operational for the terminals (vendor iPads) and the clients (customer iphones). A live demonstration was conducted with one of AirService’s prospective restaurant’s, with their waiters, bar staff and customers all getting involved. The product operated successfully and at the end of the demo launch, approximately $10,000 of merchandise had been processed using the application. AirService were extremely pleased with the outcome.

Ongoing Support

Although this was only one component of the entire AirService project, Stefan and his team were so impressed by reinteractive’s work that they have continued to outsource additional components of their application to the reinteractive team.

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