The No Office Bottom Line

Mikel Lindsaar
April 22, 2015

At reinteractive we work 100% remotely. And when I say 100% remote, we have no office. None.

Over the past 2 days, Sydney (where a bunch of our administrative staff are) has experienced very heavy rainfall, resulting in a large social and economic impact on the city and greater state.

But during these last two days, one of the major benefits of remote work really came home to me. No commuting.

Our team were all safe, at home, at their desks, being productive. No matter where they were, they just got on with the job as if nothing was happening. Sure our online internal chat room was full of stories about the weather, and it was an interesting side story, but it didn’t impact on the direct ability of our staff to do what they needed to do to continue to deliver products for our customers.

On top of this, our team didn’t arrive to work flustered about being stuck in traffic for more than an hour and weren’t soaked wet through.

With a team of 24, (and 13 of them in Sydney), and conservatively estimating a wasted 2 hours of production per day per team member, we saved over 50 hours of productivity in just the last two days. This adds a significant boost to our bottom line, especially for a small business.

I’ve successfully started 3 x 100% remote companies over the past 4 years and all of them have staff and are growing, I’m going to start sharing my thoughts about remote work and how it can be a competitive advantage for small businesses over the coming months.

If you have any specific aspect of remote work you would like to ask me and have me answer via the blog, let me know via twitter or the comments section below.