Hiring Junior Developers

Mikel Lindsaar
June 7, 2015

reinteractive are hiring another Sydney based Junior Developer to join our amazing team, starting immediately.

You need to live in Sydney so you can make it to our training and pair programming days and need to have excellent communication skills.

You’ll be working, from day one, on real code, with real clients, doing upgrades, handling bugs, writing specs and implementing client requested features on multiple Rails apps!

You’ll be mentored by our amazing senior development team and gotten through our training and development program, so don’t worry, every code change you do will be reviewed by another team member, and signed off by one of our senior developers to make sure it is up to scratch.

This is truly one of the best chances to get exposed to serious, real world, Ruby on Rails development with a career path that can see you working up from a junior into our more senior developer ranks.

Ideally, you have had some prior experience in other programming languages, or have worked really hard to get up to speed on Rails if it is your first language. You should also have some code to show us that you are proud of.

Your pay will be based on what experience and skill set you can bring to the team, but will be in the range of $50,000 to $60,000 p.a. including a travel allowance for Sydney, plus superannuation. Oh, and reinteractive pay for our developers to go to to Rails Camps and Ruby Confs, so you’ll get that too :)

If you are interested, please email us at and tell us why you would be the best person for us to hire.

As a note, we are planning to hire a big team of Juniors over the next 6 months, so if you are not quite ready yet, work hard and contact us soon :)