UX & Rapid Prototype Development

Let us help you move your dreams into reality

You've spent all this time coming up with an idea on some web based application that handles all the things you need it to do.


But trying to explain this to people with words is painful.


Our Rapid Prototype service will shift your ideas from your head, or paper into a fully clickable and navigable online prototype that you can share with your friends, stake holders or potential users to get feedback before spending big bucks on actual development.

Clickable Prototype

Our prototypes are clickable and allow you to navigate around as you would the end product.

We keep the details low so you can focus on the process and interactions needed to make your application a success. Check out the clickable and testable prototype we built for our friends over at Flood.IO for some ideas of what we could achieve for you.

Predictable Process

Our Rapid Prototyping service is quoted at a fixed price and usually runs for 2 weeks during which we go through the following 3 stages:

  1. Initial Intensive Data Gathering - including getting from you any information you have about the system already, drawings, concepts, designs, branding, process flows, target users, requirements of the system etc.
  2. Development of main screens - This takes your initial designs and flows and turns them into a series of screens that demonstrate the main product moving through from start to finish.
  3. Fill out the prototype - Once the main screens are built and process flows are agreed, we work with you to fill in all the details needed to get the prototype as representative as possible for you and your users.
Screen image

User Testing

An optional feature of our Rapid Prototyping Service is assisting you in conducting user tests directly with your target market or stakeholders. This takes some extra time to setup and is billed by purchasing additonal weeks of work.

Further info

Who owns the developed prototype?
We've created it for you, so it's yours.

What tool do you use to build with?
We use Axure Pro. Our UX team that develops the wireframes are Axure specialists and can build prototypes almost faster than you can dream them up :)

Delivery Time
We schedule services on a 'first come first served' basis, but we work to get you started within a week or two of payment.

We work remotely and our 100% Australian based team will be in touch with you via all kinds of communication mediums, from screen sharing to phone calls, whatever is needed to make the project a success.

Kane hooper

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Kane is our COO who is always available for a simple chat about your project. Eager to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, he draws on years of experience to let you know how best we can help...

Call Kane on +61 2 8019 7252 and bounce your idea off him to find the right solution, or send us an email :)

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