Secure your Rails app

Upgrade your Rails App for one fixed price

We'll get your Ruby on Rails Security up to date through a Rails framework upgrade to the latest supported version. This will handle all known and patched Ruby on Rails security issues and vulnerabilities.

Why would I want reinteractive Secure?

The Ruby on Rails code is constantly evolving and fixing bugs and security issues as they are discovered. Keeping up to date on this is critical for the security of your web application.

What do you do?

Our developers will get a copy of your code base and upgrade it to the most recent version of Ruby on Rails available for your web application, and then help you deploy the new version.

How long does it take?

Once payment is made, we can usually turn this around within 2 days, faster if it is an urgent problem. reinteractive always bring security and server down issues to the front of our development queue.

How much does it cost?

We will do the upgrade for $250 (plus GST if in Australia). This includes us getting a copy of your application, running any tests and advising you of any existing failures, upgrading to the latest patch version and assisting you as needed to deploy this into production.

It does not include fixing any broken features that existed before the security upgrade, or any other issues that arise that are not directly related to the security update.

In short, we'll do our best to get it done for the fixed price. We'll work with you if any problems arise and let you know your options.

My Rails version is old, do I qualify?

We can upgrade any currently security supported version of Ruby on Rails for the fixed price. If your version of Rails is particularly old, please get in touch with us and we'll work out how we can upgrade your Application to a more recent version.

Why reinteractive?

Our team are constantly working on many different Ruby on Rails Applications and encounter good and bad development practices all the time. You can take advantage of this knowledge to improve the quality of your Ruby on Rails application and developers.

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