Ruby on Rails ScheduledCare

Every machine needs regular cleaning and maintenance.

The Ruby on Rails ScheduledCare service by reinteractive provides a quick clean up and upgrade of key parts of your Rails application to make it more secure, easier to start and easier to get developers productive.


Let's face it, your developers are busy doing what developers need to do... releasing new features! The important servicing work gets pushed to the bottom of the list, never to be done. Let us help!

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Security Updates

Keeping your app up to date with the latest patch versions is critical to the maintenance and upkeep of your app.

The first step of the ScheduledCare is upgrading your Rails environment to the latest patch version. For example, if you are at 4.1.2, we would upgrade your app to the latest version of the 4.1.x series, apply a diff of all the changes in the framework from the two versions and then run the tests to see that they pass, or at least don't get worse :)

README Updates

This is an often overlooked aspect of Rails applications, so much so that we wrote a blog post on the importance of a good README and created the 'Default README' to provide guidance on what makes a good README.

ScheduledCare uses the reinteractive 'Default README' template to update your in-application README to make it a useful source of knowledge for your application, familiarising developers with the best way to handle the app including how to install, set up and configure the app.

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Seed Data Cleanup

Seed data is Rails code that allows a new developer to get your application started by running a simple setup command. In fact, if a developer can't clone your app and run "./bin/setup" to get a working environment, you are potentially wasting thousands of dollars. Another valuable use for seed data is providing a way for any developer to quickly "reset" their application after a failed coding experiment.

The Rails ScheduledCare service either creates a working initial seed file for you, or works on updating your existing one.


Version of Rails Cost
Rails 4.x $950
Rails 3.x $1,450
Previous versions of Rails $1,950
*Each option includes $500 credit towards major reinteractive services

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As part of this service, we produce an App Health Checklist for your application. This is a multi page report covering everything from the javascript to the database. This report gives you important points about your Rails application as well as recommended actions for your development team to take to improve the code. You'll also get a fixed price quote for future minor-version upgrades to your Rails stack (E.g. 4.1 to 4.2).

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If you decide to engage reinteractive for any items in the recommendations, we'll credit you with $500 towards a major service when you then buy with reinteractive!

Use this discount for your first month of CodeCare® or OpsCare® maintenance and support services or towards our Inspect, Craft or UX. professional services.

It's a win all around!

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Further info

This is really a fixed price?

How do you do it at a fixed price?
We have a lot of experience, in this being Australia's largest Ruby on Rails development house. Not much surprises us now about Rails apps after working on over 100 different applications.

Delivery Time
We schedule services on a 'first come first served' basis, but we work to get them done within 1-2 weeks after payment and access to your code base has been granted.

Your Team Involvement
If your README is very out of date, or the app does not start without magical database commands, then we will need to talk to someone in your existing or past dev team to get information.

How often could we do the service?
Ideally, it should be done annually, it is a scheduled service after all.

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