It's great having someone you can trust, who won't judge you, to ask questions about Ruby on Rails and help guide you to the right solution.

What is reinteractive Ruby on Rails Mentoring Service?

The Ruby on Rails Mentoring service provides you with access to our private online ticketing system where you can ask any question and get guidance and help from our crack team of developers. From just getting started with Ruby on Rails, to complex, domain specific problems, we are here to help get you onto the right track.

You pay by the month, with no contracts, and can ask any question you want.

It costs $49 per month per person using the system. You pay monthly in advance on a credit card and can ask us anything to do with issues you are having.

What do I get?

We will help answer any questions you have about Ruby on Rails, Ruby or anything to do with the Ruby on Rails infrastructure.

What we can't do for this price is download your code and look around for you, although, as a Mentoring client, you get a $20 per hour discounted rate on our development services should you need them!

How do I sign up?

Simple, email us and we'll get you setup straight away.

OK, Why?

Learning Ruby on Rails is hard. Not because Ruby is hard, it isn't, but because there are so many moving parts to develop a Ruby on Rails application, and so many conflicting blog posts out there, that sometimes you don't know where to start.

We don't just answer your question. Instead, we help guide you to the right blog post, online tutorial or reference. This means that you learn step-by-step in a guided process, and this ensures that you get real value from our knowledge and never have to ask that same question again.

What makes this different to asking on Stack Overflow?

You are paying for our service and as a result, we care about you successfully handling your problem to a complete resolution.

Because it is private, you can also feel comfortable asking any question and our team will actually work to understand what your specific problem is and help you solve it in your specific environment. We won't just tell you that you should have Google'd it first.

Can you keep me up to date on your Training Offerings?

Of course we can! Put your email in the form below and we'll keep you up to date with the reinteractive Training activities we are doing:

Entering your email here subscribes you to the reinteractive Training mailing list. We only send emails relating to our training offerings to this list. We hate spam too so you won't get any and we will never share our mailing list with anyone else.

What can I get from this?

We'll provide you answers to specific problems you are having with your Ruby on Rails application or development environment through this service.

If you would like deeper consulting about a specific application, for example, structure and larger development questions, we are obviously available for hire and you should get in touch with us.

Ready to get started?

Great! Email us and we'll get you setup straight away.

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