Fixed-price code maintenance

for Salesforce installations

reinteractive's ForceCare is a monthly code maintenance and improvement subscription service for Salesforce implementation.

"We're using Salesforce in our company but maintenance and business process changes aren't updated fast enough to make the most of it"

As you grow and as technology evolves, the business processes you’ve automated with Salesforce need to be adjusted, your personnel and the roles they play can change, and other updates crop up. Through this, your Salesforce should reflect the changes or you lose ground.

Meanwhile, training and keeping a dedicated Salesforce specialist on your payroll is a luxury only very large organizations can afford.

No matter how much planning and how thorough your initial set-up was, no matter how many expert consultants who were brought in, you will find there are updates and tweaks needed to your set-up.

reinteractive’s ForceCare is a service developed to help you through these hurdles and ensure you maximise the result from your investment in Salesforce, while keeping your staff focused on their job. It keeps your Salesforce system in sync with your business processes and operations.

We do the maintenance and carry out the tweaks your system needs on a pro-active basis. After all, like any machine, consistent and attentive maintenance will extend the life of your processes.

ForceCare solves this for a flat, fixed, predictable monthly fee.

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Do you have a Service Level Agreement?

Yes, it's called "you are 100% happy or you get a full refund of the last month".

We do our best to look after you. We'll put our money where our mouth is and make sure it is handled. But we don't want to be arguing with you at the end of the month that we missed some target by 3 minutes, we'd rather just get the job done and keep you blown away by our service.

Let us look after you with ForceCare

You need a team to continually maintain and improve, proactively, your Salesforce implementation.

They need to do this without distracting your company, in a reliable proactive manner.

Our ForceCare service ticks those boxes and provides you with:

Small Tweaks

Having Salesforce in your company is always an improvement process, your business changes, new products etc. We are there to make those tweaks for you. You get ten hours each and every month to use as you please.

Administration Support

No matter the request, if users need to be updated, they forgot their password, have left the company or your lead Salesforce person just needs some questions answered, we are there to help them, and you.

Additional Questions

Fixed cost, are you serious?

Yup! reinteractive is a large software development agency. And so, we have many cusotmers that have Salesforce instances that just need constant tweaks and maintenance to keep them functioning their best. Because of our scale we can provide this to our customers at a fixed low price and you can be happy knowing you are being looked after by our amazing team.

What work can I get done?

ForceCare is a professional service, and in delivery of this service we focus 100% on critical bugs in the software (as reported by our bug tracking tools).

But you get ten hours a month that you can have our team working on anything you want.

How much time do I actually get?

Each month you get 10 hours of development to work on your app per month you are subscribed. You can request us to do whatever you would like on your application and we'll work on it in the priority that makes the most sense for you and the application.

In addition to this, we will occasionally do proactive support at our discretion, this includes fixing software versions, updates on software your application depends on as well as tooling or changes to the application that will make the job of maintaining it simpler and more efficient, these changes are not included in the 10 hours per month and you aren't billed for them.

What if I need more than 10 hours?

No problem, you can purchase more on demand hours at any time, these are given at a 15% discount on our standard list price, because we love our ForceCare customers :)

What reporting will I get?

At the end of each month we will provide you with a written report on the proactive work done via email. This will include all the helpdesk tickets we have completed on your application and any other work done for you. We do not provide a specific hours report or otherwise on the ForceCare service.

You will also get an itemised list by hour on the way your 10 hours of development (and any additional hours) have been spent.

Which of your development team work on this?

None of them :) We have a dedicated Salesforce team at reinteractive who look after our ForceCare services. Your code updates are done by this team and every change is reviewed to ensure quality before it is published.

After using ForceCare for 6 months, can you help transition to an internal team?

Yes of course. We've helped many companies transition from using us as an agency to an internal team.

We had our app built by a certain other company, will you still offer this service?


Couldn't I hire reinteractive, get you to fix everything and then get a refund?

Yes, you could, but it wouldn't be very nice. We ask for a 3 month commitment when you sign-up, but you can cancel any time if you are not happy. It's up to you, but we only offer the refund once.

Do you take equity or other financial interest for a discount?


Is there a discount for non-profits or charities?

Yes there is, contact us for details.

Can you invoice me and we'll pay by bank transfer or cheque?

Yes, but you need to pay for at least 6 months in advance and the service will only start once the payment has cleared.

Will reinteractive sign a special negotiated contract for this service?

No. This is a monthly subscription product and we provide a very specific set of circumstances. Our Master Services Agreement is the one we use for the ForceCare product, and we believe it should cover pretty much any issue you have (if not, please feel free to contact us to discuss the points that you are concerned about).

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